3 thoughts on “[Video-1] Team H Taipei Party_20130404”

  1. Asia Prince …. JKS …. is absolutely the most hard-working, captivating performer of his generation.
    Cheers, Konbae and heartfelt wishes for your continued success on your chosen path.
    Your American Supporter in Boca Raton, Florida,

    • Eels were estatic…happy they were allowed to share…he is the best…so freespirited..he dares to be different…he is able to switch from script to non script without any problem…he is truely a great allround artist..the only one I know…always 101+%….Zikzin!!!!!!

  2. generous Prince!!! it’s good promotion too..if photos and videos like this will spread on internet then more people will see Team H and most probably will be attracted and admire them 🙂


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