[article] JKS Knows Fans So Well, Wears Red in China and Tight Pants in Japan

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‘The next Bae Yong Jun’ JKS, how did he become that?

On 12th July 2011, the Japanese newspaper ‘Morning Post’ reported that ‘the 2nd BYJ is JKS’. In Japan, JKS’ popularity is such that it is beyond imagination, everybody under-estimated his popularity. JKS himself also said ‘because of the difference of my popularity in Korea & Japan, even myself is confused’.
How did JKS, Geun-chan (as known in Japan) become known as Asia Prince? Let’s start in summary, ‘cheeky but a polite young man’, ‘new era fearless confidence, ‘tendency for external female prettiness & body but have a very man voice’, etc. Japanese call this ‘do S’ (serious sadist), meaning not restrained by any format or manners, exposing oneself freely & wildly.
These JKS’ charms were found started from the TV drama You’re Beautiful. In 2011 when it was aired on Fuji TV, it was No.1 amongst all the TV dramas in the same time slot. DVD rental & sales also beat Winter Sonata’s records. With this as a start, Mary Stayed All Night Out & Love Rain also respectively aired on TBS & Fuji TV, also attracted attention due to new highest viewership ratings.
Apart from that, his fashion sense is also different to others. At Fan Meetings & concerts, he will give specially designed fan service for fans from different countries. He said ‘when standing on the stage, the costumes also require a lot of thoughts, Chinese fans like bold style, like you to show face, to tie up hair and expose “million dollar forehead”, also clothes, Chinese fans prefer such as red, gold color. In Japan, they love you to draw eyeliner, they prefer cosplay feel. So have to have long hair, permed curly hair. And to emphasize the figure, wear tight pants.

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  1. So happy to finally know that Love Rain actually got the highest viewership ratings in Japan 🙂 this just proves that LR was enjoyed by Japanese viewers in general regardless they are eels or not …

    • I love Love Rain!!!!!!!!!!…
      Very happy that others have also enjoyed this drama too…I’ve watch this drama for at least 10x now..He played the double very well…
      Love how he’s emoting

    • that’s right! …wow! LOVE RAIN WAS A BIG SUCCESS!!!…SUCCESSFULL in many countries in the world (ex: japan, argentina, china, taiwan, france, Indonesia, russia, germany, and more more countries)!!!..i’m so excited!. Love Rain was a epic k-drama of our Asia Prince Geun Chan for the world.

      pd: In Japan (december, 2012), Love Rain was voted as the best Korean drama of 2012 for Japan…also … the famous Asia Prince Geun chan and the famous idol Top number one Yoona were voted as the brightest korean actors 2012 in japan.
      The OST.Love Rain was No.1 for several days on the Oricon chart
      The OST. Love Rain was No. 2 on S. Mandarin K-Pop Zone Top 10 K-Chart…and more others charts.
      The ringtones Love Rain were No.1. in many countries.

      I loveeeeeeeee L.R. and I love Asia Prince Geun Chan (idol and actor)…and..I like Yoona,too. they are complet Artists (Actors and idols).
      I miss Hanna and Seo joon.


  2. Keun Suk reminds me of Napoleon Bonaparte! He is a brilliant strategist, who has his dreams, and in pursuing them gives 110 percent effort to his Eels, supporters and those businesses he endorses.
    His word is his bond, therefore, he is loved and respected by those who know him.
    Korea, one day, you will wake up, and realize the “precious son” you have representing your country.
    Konbae from your supporter in Boca Raton, Florida,

  3. they can call him genius!!! i think he really know people not only his fans..he is sensitive with people.yes..i can see it through his action..and his style also show it everytime he go to different places.

  4. Tight pants work everywhere, hehe! JKS is so thoughtful and considerate of his fans and not offending the country he is visiting. No wonder he is so popular worldwide.

  5. some people says that JKS have a different personality honestly first I wondered why he is so popular in Japan not in Korea but I think Japan people saw the inner and out look character of my prince and I think that they found him being lovable and a kind heart person I am so sad knowing that his own country never acknowledge him being precious star but I wish that time come JKS will sure capture Koreans hearts not only Korea but all over the country go fighting prince ! we Eels always be with you 🙂

  6. one of the reasons why he’s so popular..he’s so smart and sensitive to people specially his eels,he exactly know what we want and give it to us and thus we love him more <3


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