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The moment I say “give-up” in words is not the end.
Maybe when slight hope I’ve had in my heart falls apart to pieces is the real end…

포기했다고 말하는 순간이 끝이 아니다.그래도 몰래 믿던 막연한 기대감이 여지없이 무너졌을 때가 진짜 끝인가봉가…

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  1. As long as we live, we’ll face hard times.
    However, I can say, as long as we live, we’ll see a lot of hope, happiness and dreams, too.

    I don’t want him to give up his Zikzin spirit here.
    I want him to keep his Zikzin spirit throughout his life.

    No matter how hard he has to accept it now,
    We promise we’ll always be with him, Jang Keun Suk.
    Through hard times and good times…

  2. I know that there’s a reason behind why my prince said about that , if time will come my prince Jang decide to give up for his carrier or anything he had now it is not mean that he really given out, for my own understanding he has no attention to surrender or give up for now he said that words because I think he wants to let his Eels will prepared what future come maybe he want to settle down if he find someone he loves and have his own family will for me if what makes my prince happy I will always support what ever he decision for you my prince Jang no matter what it is I will support you and be strong keep up the best of you in times of hardship just put in mind millions of eels will always be with you be happy and have faith in God that he will always protects you 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your thought. But I’m afraid this tweet implies his give-up about his most beloved car, Luis… The damage was tremendous, but he had tried and wished to repair it…

  3. JKS is a sentimental person.
    He feels sad now becuase Luis may not be saved…
    I know you are having this heart-ache …. sad to part with something you loved so much….
    Please cheer up!
    Time will heal all wounds!

  4. Dear Geun Jang, So it’s Luis, your Porsche, that you have to say good bye to. It is a test of God for your stamina and your learning to let go. There will be more to come to let go of “things” in life. Actually that would be easier than letting go of people or even your pets because they are materials that you can always find new ones. I wish you your best to cope with this sadness and get over with it. LOL

  5. Keun Sukkie – remember everything is replaceable in this life except those you love. Treasure your family, Sunni and value your faithful friends and supporters. People are irreplaceable, you can always buy another car. Thank God, you walked away from that accident. Always move forward with a loving heart….

  6. I want to say this, twitter is just like flash shot, it catches the moment, but it can be easily gone. So don’t worry too much. Our prince is a strong man and he always will find his way and go forward. Zikzin rules. We have to let your sorrow and feeling slide out when there is so much cumulate inside. Louis’s tragedy is a trigger and he has so much feeling to him. They have been through so much. I love him to being sentimental sometime. You have to as a passionate human being.

    Love you, JKS and always support you.

  7. Cheer up love, there is a chinese saying ‘大难不死,必有后福’ it means

  8. It’s okay to be sad, even if it’s for a car. I like my car and thankful that it takes me place to place and is reliable, but I know one day I will have to replace it. Life is always changing, it keeps us learning new things and growing. I’m thankful and grateful that your accident wasn’t your time. You are young and have so much more to look ahead to and achieve. All of us Eels look forward to your next adventure.

  9. Have you ever gone to agrave of car sukkie?. There are alot of story about ever car?

    they are only instrument they are mechine but we are their creatuor .we made them for humanbings..that ,s awfol if you give up because of acar that is not valuable with out YOU. I think you need to pray with God you should speak with him my dear and i think you are sick .you should treat ad be hopeful because you have us .l am your lover i pray for you after my daily prayers.

  10. why loves luis? … what unique souvenirs had with Louis? … someone could explain me. Thank you.
    When he bought his luis?.

    This twitter was on March 26, right?! … Ha! … well then I want to send my blessings and love for him …. and a ♥ HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY L.R. ♥ (26/03/2012 – 26/03/2013).

  11. I feel your pain Sukkie…for they stole my very old rustedtrusted car last month. I still can not believe it and hve this hope to hve it back knowing it’s notgonna happen

  12. 26 march 2013 – what’s up? Jang Keun Suk :(… why are you sad?. :'(. I think He misses louis or someone else. (26 /march).

    Yo te deseo a tí un Feliz primer año love rain 2013. We love You.


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