[23.03.2013] Jason Jang’s Weibo

Jason Jang: Daebak to Thailand Performance! haha, Bankok style! oh yeah!! He feel much better, don’t worry eels.
泰国演出大发!哈哈!曼谷style!oh yeah!! 他身体好多了 鳗鱼们别太担心!

Jason Jang: Worked hard Team H. See you in Taipei on April 4! Show them eels power! haha
辛苦了 Team H 4.4 在台北见!给他们看鳗鱼的力量!哈哈

3 thoughts on “[23.03.2013] Jason Jang’s Weibo”

  1. Poor JKS, battery flat after the performances not forgetting he has other accumulated fatigues…
    Do recharge!
    Be home safely!
    Recover well too!


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