10 thoughts on “[23.03.2013] Tree-J twitter”

    • I read it on twitter, He fell down on the stage and he hurt his knee.
      P.S I saw another bandaid on his right hand , this must be from his car accident.
      poor prince.

    • No. I heard he fell down on the stage during today’s party and his knee started bleeding…. T_T
      Bad luck again….

      There is a saying, “Bad luck often brings good luck”. I really hope it will be true for him!

      • Poor Sukkie, suffered so much in less than a week!
        Despite his injury, he still shows his professionalism and a positive attitude!
        Really inspiring! So touched by his actions.
        However, do rest well when you return home!
        Wish you good luck & good health!

      • I fell once when traveling.
        The pain was mild but the aches came the next day!
        Each step I took there was quite painful and the climbing of the stairs was most agonizing.
        Although JKS seems to fall quite oftenly but there was no bleeding.
        This time was quite bad.T____T
        Don’t get hurt JKS, our hearts will hurt toooooo!
        Speedy recovery!!!!

  1. i wonder how many times he fell in one day…kkkkk…for our hyperactive boy…its normal rite? sleepy suk..hope he get some rest.

  2. I was at his Team H Party at Thunder Dome. He fell on the stage. He was still very active and gave lot of fun to his fan. The sweetest teasing man I ever met. All the best, no more accident please. I could have a heart attack. Btw, his colorful short sleeve T with his blue shorts made him look like a young boy, sooooooo cute. I was on the ring side and enjoyed it a lot. I even got shot by his water gun. He is always very playful.

  3. he’s so accident prone lately..what’s happening? i hope Tenshi that what you said is true..after all that bad luck good things will start to happen -_-

  4. I have been reading this blog for some time lately. Thanks Tenshi for you time and effort in updating the blog so frequently!

    I just watched the news and learnt that our beloved Prince trashed/crashed his white Porsche, and I was kinda appaulled to know that he hurt himself again (and again)! Seems like he is a bit too carried away by this team H project…he gotta contain his craziness asap, otherwise he will get himself killed at this rate….fingers crossed that he will come to realise this asap…

    Obtw I have never been to his team H party/concert, I really hope I cam join, coz it looks fun!


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