[17.03.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Update: I added more weibo posts, he was very active on weibo yesterday.

Jang Keun Suk: Is kind of embarrassing that I’m writing these words here: I want to sincerely thank to HS Media Manager Jason whom I make fun of everyday. I will never forget about your heart that you do all your best to make artists satisfied…..and… you need to lose weight…
我在这里写这样的话真的很不好意思,向每天被我嘲笑是猪的hs media jason代表表示衷心感谢。你为了让艺人满意全力以赴的心一辈子也不会忘记..还有..该减肥了..
나 진짜 여기다 이런 말 쓰기 진짜 부끄러운데 맨날 돼지라고 놀리는 HS 미디어 제이슨대표애게 진심으로 고맙다 아티스트를 만족시키기 위해 최선을 다 하는 마음만은 평생 잊지 않겠음.. 그리고… 살 좀 뺐으면..

Michan83:The skull necklace was taken by Kurt, TT, Kurt is so bad.
Jang Keun Suk@Michan83: I want all Alexandra King’s jewelries… I love you
minchan83:最終骷髏項鏈被kurt搶走了555 kurt 好壞—-碩:壓力山大王的飾品我都想要….我愛你 //@张根硕:난 알렉산더 왕 악세러리 다 갖고 싶어.. 사랑해..
@minchan83 : 결국커트한테해골목걸이빼끼고말았다 ㅠㅠ커트나뻐.
Note: minchan83 is from HS media, so is friend of JKS.

Jang Keun Suk: Except pig, I took a picture with my friend, only two of us. This is the most fashionalbe place!!! Why they have all the brands I like here?… no need to go other places!!
돼지 빼고 내 친구랑 투샷!!! 여기 최고의 핫 플레이스!!! 어쩜 내가 좋아하는 브렌드만 다 모여있니… 딴데 갈 필요가 없구만!!!
Note: The gentleman in the picture is the manager of I.T Store in Shanghai. JKS visited and shopped there when he was in Shanghai this time.

Jang Keun Suk: I found treasure house in Shanghai, this is really the best!!
在上海找到的宝物仓库 这里真的完全最棒!!
샹하이에서 찾은 최고의 보물창고 여기진짜 완전 최고!!!!!

Jang Keun Suk @minchan83: kyaaa, I wasn’t full awake from my handover, that was not Alexandra King but is Alexandra McQueen…please buy and bring all of them to Korean when you come
呀 刚才酒没醒打错了 不是亚历山大王是Alexander Mc Queen〜来韩国的时候全部都买过来〜
@minchan83 야 술 안깨서 잘못썼는데 알렉산더 왕 이 아니고 알렉산더 맥퀸이다~~ 한국얼 때 몽땅 사와~~~

Jang Keun Suk @minchan83: Do not answer me? Eels, go attack, go go!!! Alexandra McQueen!!!!!, attack this weibo with comments, let her know the result do not listen to the boss…
不回答吗?鳗鱼们呀 攻击GOGO攻击!!! Alexander Mc Queen!!!!!!!!! 往这个微博留言攻击吧,让他知道不听老大的话会怎么样..
@minchan83 대답안하냐 장어들아 폭탄테러 고고 공격!!! 알렉산더 맥퀸 !!!!!!!! 저 웨이보로 맨션 날려거 괴롭히자 두목말안들으면 어떻게 되는지..

Jang Keun Suk: Shanghai, bye cri….
上海 bye cri~~~
샹하이 빠이크리~~~

Jang Keun Suk: Kyaaaa, what’s this? This pig follow me to Korea too, what kind of pig situation is this!!!
呀 什么啊 这猪也跟到韩国来了 这什么猪一样的情况!!!
@张根硕 : 아 뭐야!!! 이 돼지 생퀴 한국까지 따라왔어 !!뭐 이런 돼지 같은 경우를 봤나!!!!

Jang Keun Suk: This pig is Bigbrother’s saesang fan???
@张根硕 : 돼지 빅브라더 사생팬이냐????

Jang Keun Suk @邝庭硕Preston: Hey bro! How r u? I’m home sweet home! Call when u get in Korea and Japan!! Wait 4 u!!
@邝庭硕Preston: haha, I.T = Treasure House!
@邝庭硕Preston: 哈哈,I.T = 宝物仓库!//@张根硕:在上海找到的宝物仓库 这里真的完全最棒!!
샹하이에서 찾은 최고의 보물창고 여기진짜 완전 최고!!!!!

8 thoughts on “[17.03.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. JKS – there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You spoke honestly from the heart. It is evident to all of your supporters, you were completely exhausted and had difficulty talking because of your throat…..and still you were there, working harder than anyone, giving 110 percent of yourself to every project. Sometimes there are lapses and difficulties from managers because no one cares the way you do…..because this is your life’s work not theres.
    Warmest wishes for your continued success and good fortune,

    • Yes, JKS has worked much harder and has physically & mentally strained himself.
      Not forgetting that has always been a perfectionist.
      Inorder to promote Team H, he has already rendered extra effort.
      He may feel that none has contributed as much effort in promoting Team H than himself.
      Although he may have complained a bit but is still thankful for all their hard work!
      He is the Boss and never regret what he is doing now!
      Zikzin Prince! But don’t work toooo hard!

      • so agree..
        we must not forget beside JKS the artist and Team H member, he has many other rolls AND he’s also Boss…
        I get him..
        if things go wrong, there is only JKS who gets the blame..but he’s at the same time the most hardworking…ZIKZIN Sukkie..get a rest and don’t let the things en people get to you

  2. kkkk….he’s teasing jason at the same time praise him for his effort to promote him.jason and his eels should get what he mean. he really good in words..someone would feel like crying in joy with his words.mix feeling 🙂

  3. Alexander McQueen is a top notch fashion house based out of London….many actors in Hollywood use his fabulous designs. McQueen passed away a few years ago but his company still flourishes.


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