4 thoughts on “[Pics-1] Zikzin Cafe and Dinning_20130314”

  1. Whawwwwwwww…this looks sooooooooooooooo good!!
    I like everything about it..from the minimalistic to the flowery, the china and menu, the glass mats..
    the food looks exquisite
    O…how I wish I could visit..
    I’m sure the eels will start collecting everything from the cafe too LOL

    Well done, Boss eel…you dreamt it and done it..
    thank you

  2. Very nice^^ Definitely will visit one day 🙂 The food looks delicious and I love the interior layout. Prince must have worked very hard planning and choosing each item and design. Zikzin Cafe fighting~

  3. wow!!! from interior design to foods just wow!!! i love even the glass mats,i wonder if the words written there we’re his ideas too!
    my Prince,Zikzin Cafe,Jyo-Zikzin!!!congratulations 🙂


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