[News] JKS donating 10 million yen to Japan Red Cross

Jang Keun Suk’s Japanese website company Frau has announced on 14 March 2011 that according to JKS’ intention, they have on his behalf applied to Japan Red Cross today to donate 10 million yen (around US$ 122,000), together with his message “Hope that disaster victims can resume normal life as soon as possible”.

JKS’ album release on 23 March and Tokyo Showcase on 27 March are still under discussion.

Credits: KeunSukChina
Chinese translation by Huamop


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20 thoughts on “[News] JKS donating 10 million yen to Japan Red Cross”

  1. Bless JKS’ kind heart and soul!

    Given that he’s generally concerned about his fans and even expresses concern to individual fans on occasion, and the number of times he’s gone to Japan to meet fans, it seems almost impossible for JKS not to do anything to help.
    So when I saw this news today, I’m so happy and proud of JKS!

    • Just what they always says here in my country, “May God Bless him for having such a generous heart!” I’m so proud of him! What a nice gesture from him in giving back what his Japanese Eels have given him in the past, not just love & support as well as loyalty.

      Way to go JKS!

  2. Me too! I’m not shocked to hear the news,as it is what we expected from his kind heart.. Salute him! He’s been kind to his eels,and that is why, we will never stop supporting him^o^ Proud to be an eel!!

  3. Good for him! Truly a beautiful soul befitting the captivating face, extending such a kind and generous helping hand.

  4. Wow JKS ! He’s so sweetheart . He’s very kindly with his eels . I always wish him the best in his life and successfully in his carrier . Love you JKS and support for you ever !

  5. Once again JKS proved to be a loving generous person. I was looking for this news, because I was sure he was thinking about helping all affected people in Japan the minute he saw the news!
    Wishing JKS always keep this beauty inside and out for many many years to come and have continues success and a lot of love from fans!

  6. How generous of him! I’m really impressed that at such a young age he doesn’t see Japan just as a place to make money, he’s trully attached and I love him more for that!

  7. I’m really impressed! He is such a good person. The monetary assistance he extended to the people of Japan made me admire him even more. JKS deserves to be loved by his fans.


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