16 thoughts on ““Bye Bye Bye” – clear version”

  1. I have no words. I was waiting for the slow song after the firs t”Let me cry”, but could not imaging it would be this beautiful. It is like a dream at night with a FULL MOON.
    Everything he does is beautiful!
    Thank you so much aphrael77! You are the BEST! (BTW I like your name:)

  2. Love this song! After the head banging rock feel of “Let Me Cry”, I love the slow tempo of this song. Listening to it makes one at peace while enjoying the sweet tone of JKS’s voice.

      • hi migrap,

        I heard “Make Memories” too, but I chose not to post it 🙂

        I feel bad if I post all the songs from his album – what if people just download and not support his original album? ^^

  3. i like the way he sing ” cry…cry…cry…”: his ‘falsetto’ is cool! ( i don’t know what to say in English) it could be HIS STYLE 🙂

  4. hi aphrael, couple days ago i commented to your older post “let me cry clear version” and ask you whether you had the clear versions of “bye bye bye” and…. you make my day by posting it here 😀 thaaaaaank….. youuuu…. (hey, you’re a girl rite?? ). agree with you to supporting JKS by buying his original product, coz he use some of the benefit to donate those whose unlucky (the victim of Japanese earthquake disaster). anyway, its nice to know that i’m not the only one who almost dying for JKS smile :p (and his voice) it feels like i’ve found the sister of eels … hehehe..

    • welcome, sister nea ^^ and yup, I’m a girl …. think male JKS fans are rare ….

      i’m happy to support original JKS stuff and all his projects, unless of course it’s too expensive : p


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