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*NOTICE* We announce today that WPS will be closeed on March 20th (WED) because of the end of contract. We’re looking forward to seeing you again someday and somewhere, making us more powerful!! Thank you so much eels who’ve been supporting and loving WPS (^^) Until the final day, let’s have fun with us~(^O^)♪
★お知らせ★この度WPSは契約終了の為3/20(水)までの営業となります。 また、さらにパワーアップした形で、いつの日かお会いできる事を楽しみにしています!!今までWPSを愛してくれたウナギの皆様ありがとうございます(^^) まだまだ最後まで盛り上がって行きましょ~(^O^)♪

tenshi_akuma’s note: All of a sudden, this announcement was tweeted. There are no further information about it. But I’m sure there will be somewhere sold JKS official goods except WPS. Just for your information, WPS was open on Feb. 29th, 2012. This is the post.

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    • I was thinking of that too.. all under one roof of his own building.. that will save cost too as at least the rental and sales staff..


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