[Fan-made MV] “What is your name?” ~Eels’ version~

Note: The first one is very funny Team H “What Is Your Name” Eels Parody Version made by Russian Eels. You will have a great laugh and light up your day from it. Enjoy!!! The video is not allowed to be embedded, so please click the link to watch it.

Credits: Elizabeth Kru (Russian eel)


5 thoughts on “[Fan-made MV] “What is your name?” ~Eels’ version~”

  1. OMG! I was dying laughing when I watch this video made by eels Columbia really fantastic I think I’m gonna do this also in my own here in my house LOL

  2. i really love those guys!!!they’re funny and creative!!! now i challenge eels,why not make a different version and spread Team H parody? im actually thinking how im gonna do it,i love the idea 🙂


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