[27.02.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

Note: This video was also posted at Team H Ameblo blog and PrinceJKS youtube channel. Here since it was posted on weibo for Chinese, he was being friendly changed the end scene to niHao (which is Chinese greeting as “hello”. on Japanese blog, it is “Hajimemasite” (nice to meet you.) 🙂 Very considerate.

Jang Keun Suk: http://t.cn/zYlIjig I have all sorts of anxiousness
这个那个 各种不安…-_-
http://t.cn/zYlIjig 이래저래 불안불안 하다…-_-
The video has Chinese subtitle
Translation of the conversations in the video by Springsuk_USA:

JKS: Team H album will be out next week, for promoting it, I’m interviewing some people.
JKS: Do you know Team H?
Girl: Team…H…?
JKS: Do you know an actor named JKS?
Man: No, I don’t know, what he looks like?
JKS: Which artist do you like?
Girl: Boa… or Beast
JKS: No one knows…(Team H)
JKS: That’s why I opened AMEBA (Ameblo) Blog.
Foreigner: He’s my man!
JKS: (laugh) I’m you man!!! I just wanna have fun! (they are singing in the car)
Men: But (your music) doesn’t sound as what I thought is, not at all.
JKS: oh yeah?!
Men: Nothing like at all. I thought (your music) is the kind that ahjunmma (middle aged women) type, but now I listened, it sounds like bad boy (music)
JKS: Do you have girlfriend?
Student: Yes, I do.
JKS: Really?!!! Bring her to the concert, ok?
Students: Wait a second. (turned back talk to the person at backseat then turned around) Is this a dream? ottoke? (what should I do?)
JKS: Ok, that’s it!

niHao (the end)

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  1. Don’t worry my Prince…
    Team H international journey has just begun.
    Eventually, more people will know you thru the many avenues of social media..
    Eels will help you along the way…


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