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  1. Kaori chan, I was waiting for your FA for days ^_^ I didn’t know you went with your mum but I’m sure both of you have enjoyed so much that the floating feeling is still there… I can imagine that and today is 1st of March but I’m like many of our eels who have already fast-forwarding our date to the day of the coming TeamH concert we will be attending together… Thanks for sharing your lovely memories with us…

  2. sis Kaori chan, Thank you, thanks sooooo very much for this wonderful FA.

    Kyaaweeee!!!! I have been patiently waiting for your FA. I feel like crying with happiness reading your FA. I am feeling a down lately…this FA definitely lifts up my spirit and mood. I know I will not have a chance to attend his shows in the near future…that’s why reading your FA bring me such joy and happiness. I can pretend I was there in the Venue with all your beautiful vivid description of the show. If Team H comes to USA….I will move heaven and earth to attend his show…I promise!!!! As for now, I can only support my Star by buying his official CDs, DVDs and products.

    Fighting… Zikzin JKS and Team H!!!

  3. WOOOOW exactly how i imagined! im so looking forward for Team H USA party real soon 😀 thanks so much for sharing such a fun experience!

  4. Thank you so much Kaori for sharing once again your FA. I’ve been waiting for this since you told us how you much enjoyed the Team-H concert.

    So you watched the concert with your mom and you said that she also enjoyed the party. WOW! Your mom is so cool…….

    I envy you for you have attended almost all of his Cri-Shows and now you joined him in the first day of his Team H-Party. You’re really a lucky eel but we’re also lucky for having you and always with us – sharing all your experiences with Sukkie.

  5. Sister Kaori Chan, thank you for your FA and I enjoy reading it very much!
    I have already prepared my soul, my heart and my body to be the guest in the TeamH Party on 16/3!

  6. Thanks Tenshi, Kaori Chan… i’m still waiting for this. I read your FA seemed me to be there. You’re really lucky lucky lucky girl….

  7. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience!

    I totally agree with your comment:
    “the design was superb. I admit he’s really genius.”

    When i first saw the stage in photo, i am like “WOW”, then i read your account, the DJ booth revolved around, it is “WOW! WOW! WOW!” IMPRESSIVE.

    JKS is really a genius in many ways!

  8. Great FA Kaori, as always I love your writing so much. Words comes from the heart are the words make you feel so much feelings and very powerful to you. That’s what I feel when I read your FA everytime. How much more fun you could get more than this Team H party. Really unique special experience and I’m so happy for you that you could share it with your mom on site too. What memory you have made. Thanks again for your hard work for writing this FA. I enjoyed so much. I hope Team H will come to US and I will go for sure. I can’t wait for my CD and DVD ordering arrive.

    Thanks again, muaaahh, love you!!!

    Team H Zikzin!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing your FA Sis Kaori Chan. As always your FA are awesome and very details . It is as though we were there with you. From all the photos it look you are having so much fun with him. You are a lucky lady Kaori Chan. I will definitely buy his CD and DVD to listen and watch him over and over again as always.

    <3 <3 <3

  10. thanks sis Kaori for sharing your ‘wow’ experience..
    hope someday i can attend his show even though just once in a lifetime…

  11. My heart was beating faster too before they appeared on stage! I was not there but it feels like being there. I could fee the excitement and aweomeness that could not be described with words! I hope to watch one of his shows one dayyy ! ありがとう For the FA and for sharing the world ! YEssssss you are the luckiest !!! you got the gifts ! your seat was one of the best! You get to watch sukkie and BB stripped their shirt kekekeke.

    – Izzati Mashod – Xx

  12. wow!!!! what an experience!!!! my heart just keeps beating faster and faster as i read your FA….thank you so much sis,you made me feel like i’m with you during the party!!!

  13. Tenshi…how old is your mom….????
    I’m so happy to read that she went to the party with you!!!..now I feel less guilty for loving Team H and their music…I’m 50, but I love everything about Sukkie, professional and personal
    I wish I could enjoy one of their parties tooooo..
    But reading your FA makes me filled with energy..thank you
    You and your mom are lucky girlzzzzzzzzzzzz indeed..

  14. Tenshi .. Sis I can’t say thank you enough to express my feeling happiness. I am waiting for your FA. It’s like I am partying with Team H and those boys are really great.I am really so happy for u and your great support to Team H and jang Keun Suk.You are such a great eel and I am really gald to be with u here and IN ECI. Thank u sis. Love u .

  15. I always love to read your FA Tenshi!
    Full of passion and in details.
    With your FA, eels who r unable to attend the party can still ‘feel’ the magic of their show thru your wonderful description.Really thank you for your effort!

    JKS is a real Genius! He ‘Blaze the Trail” for a party-style show. As Tenshi said “there are no such a party-style show in the world”. Wow, Team H party show…..the first of its kind!Our master is sooooooo talented! We r so proud to be his eel. Where can you find such a ‘super-man’on earth! kkkkkk

  16. thanks tenshi for such a great FA, it’s wonderful that both your mom and you have a great time, i’m sure everyone else that attend the party feels the same! it’s just so amazing and hot and high! i’m super excited for the BKK show now, keep thinking about it everyday, can’t wait to jump on a plane and go have fun at team H party~!

  17. Tenshi thanks for sharing,you know I love read fan accounts from you,i feel like I was with you in the venue,so real,but this time I was with your mom too,because I think she is a mature woman like me,so thanks again for this wonderfful journey to the Team H world.

  18. Tenshi..thank you so much for sharing your FA

    I’m happy to read them all and can imagine how you & your mom happy ^_^
    so wonderful time…
    I prepare myself..& exciting to see TEAM H party in Thailand..

    Thanks again…

  19. Thanks for sharing your “wow” experience XDDD
    Love the stage “he’s really genius”
    Put your hands up SEOUL…”I rave you” by Basto
    I wish he will hold an encore tour on summer >.<

  20. I’m already having imaginary visuals and experience about the upcoming Bangkok TH while reading your FA, Kaori. And after watching Niconico live, I am dreaming of prince daily and can’t wait to see him in Thunderdome on 23/3. What will he be wearing then, since he carries a diff image for each of the shows? Will he stripe his top? Ahhhh…all these expectations are making me excited! And thank you Kaori for your FA! I can feel the love you have for our prince in your words and also the support you have extended to BB. 🙂


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