[16.02.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo

2013-02-16 12:00:05
What is Team H? 3
One H-Film is planned to be released every day!!
From today much wilder videos will be released.
This is a real video…
Ah~ Even uploading this by myself made me embarrassed.. -_-
kkkkk But, this is Team H!!!!!!
For your information, tomorrow much more embarrassing video will be released. kk kk
I give you homework today as well!!
Look for the meaning of ‘H’!!!
(This is the video we performed at Zepp 2 years ago)

Title: What is Team H? 3
wwwwwしかしこれもTeam Hだ!!!!!!
(これは2年前のTeam HのZepp公演映像)

2013-02-16 13:56:05
Yesterday we went to a dance club for Team H rehearsal and meeting
(for fun)
We two were too drunk to shoot some photos.
Actually it is still Sarturday~~~~~

Title: きのう
きのうクラブでTeam H リハーサルがてらミーティングがてら

2013-02-16 15:04:30
Power of champagne
I can control myself…….
Because I know I’m important…….
Instead, Big Brother is out of contact now.
If you drink a lot of champagne,
your eyes will be bigger like me~

Title: シャンパンの力
big brother 音信不通

2013-02-16 18:58:00
New model
I got the new model!!!
Besides, I can light it.
*thump *thump

Title: にゅーもでる
ドキューン ドキューン

2013-02-16 19:20:05
Burning Saturday
Team H is working overtime…

Title: 燃える土曜日
時間外勤務 Team H…

2013-02-16 19:42:00
I beg you.
Please wash your hair.
Please take a shower.

Title: ...
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11 thoughts on “[16.02.2013] Team H/ JKS Ameblo”

  1. O.K SUKKIE really need to think through his next drama ..i mean love rain and marry me mary was great to me and i really loved (love rain) and i still watch a part every day but
    if he want an award or to become more famous in korea like he said he need to choose great drama even if he had to play a second role like beethooven virus cuz if he had another fail drama his position as an actor will be questionable … and even if he is so famous is japan i know that he wants to be taking as a more capable actor in his own country
    and me and all the eels want that i’m sure cuz i’m really really angry that all the new and young actors are getting awarded even the just started acting while he has’t
    and i just realize that he has the same award as yoona in acting even thought she started acting in two years lol…. so i hope he will focus on his acting carrier and leave all the crazy stuff of team h ..though his voice is amazing but to me he went to far so to be honest i hate team h he so wild but no matter what he does i will always support and love him so good luck prince 🙂

    • Hi,
      Don’t worry. He promised he will focus on acting this year. He’s considering new project (I don’t know if it’s drama or movie) now. Soon we’ll see what it is. I think challenging to a new world is good for an actor. Team H is a unit with Big Brother. So he can rely on his partner. I think ecen actors who only focus on acting don’t appear on dramas or movies a lot. Once a year seems better pace. So I think if he keeps up acting, it’s acceptable for challenging other fields such as a singer, DJ, model and etc. I believe it’s good for change, too. Of course, such rapid-pace lifestyle seems workaholic. But recently he’s tried to control his health well, with taking rest properly. So I don’t think we need to worry too much. If he only focus on one field, I might feel it’s not like Jang Keun Suk.

  2. I really don’t know what Sukkie’s long-term plans are. I hope he is not living-up to his short to medium term plans of being ‘CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY”.

    What does he mean when he says, he will upload wilder and wilder videos? Is he doing this to be at Psy’s level of popularity.(Gangnam style is just one-off. it is not sustainable. people watched that for curiosity.) He is better than Psy. I live overseas, a lot of news readers were laughing at it not because it is great but merely for curiosity.

    What do I mean by all these. Sukkie must assess himself whether he wants to pursue singing, dancing or acting. What are his plans? I am concerned because his talents might be wasted. He is trying too hard too soon.

    I don’t know. I am trying my best to understand him.

    I hope there is someone who is advising him properly and decently.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for leaving your comment. I think this Ameblo is for team H album promotion. I’m afraid this is seasonable. As he declared at the beginning, he wants to let people who have a bias about him understand him and Team H properly. And he wants to get new fans, especially men’s fans. I’m sure he already has long- term dreams. To carry out his them, he doesn’t want people to misunderstand him. He’s always trying to show his real self. Uploading wilder video of Team H means he wants to show what Team H party looks like. It’s not a mere concert. As you know, he succeeded to get new fans after Team H performance of SUMMER SONIC and UMF Korea. On the stage, he is not actor or singer Jang Keun Suk. He is a member of Team H. Personally I love Team H so much. Originally Team H was started with his close friends for Hanyang University festival. So I feel it’s still related to his personal preference and private activity. So I can feel his real self enjoying this so much. I love their chemistry. Big Brother, Kurt is a great producer, DJ and his friend. Of course, everyone has different tastes, so you might not be fond of their music style. But I don’t think you have to worry too much about his recent activities. It’s him. He is versatile. Challenging to a new world stimulates him to lead another new world : )

      P.S. If you’re interested in Team H activities or success of getting new fans after their performance, plase read them.

      • Thank you Tenshi..
        I’m also a older cri…and I understand very well that Sukkie is one having different roles in his life…he’s a good actor, very decent singer and now coming up DJ en part of Team H…and he’s also a director, stageplanner, songwriter, composer etc…(Team H activities maybe a bit crazy, but they do good things with it so it’s not all bad; but is aims a different group eels)
        There is something for every cri…
        Because of him I get to know and come to like more different things than I would normally would…He keeps me young…
        and what I like most of Sukkie is his earnestness…his real self…he’s not ashame to show it all to us..
        It takes a lot of courage and trust from him to show that to us…because he knows there could be a lot at stake…a lot of artists don’t dare because they are afraid to lose fans and therefore popularity and money…

  3. My prince sky Jang have a great ambition in his life he can do many things and every time I keep on looking and following him I really learn a lot about him, being one of the famous star now I think that he wanted to do things more than we expected and to let peoples knows that his also a good friend, every time I saw him performing with big brother I can feel how my prince Jang feel so much fun and enjoy, when it comes to acting wow! his a really great actor I wish that this year he can receive more awards he so talented guy though I can see many stars in heaven but my prince Jang is the only one for me that spread his light all over the sky. My only wish for him that he will always be in good health and happy

  4. I understand why some westerners eels can’t accept his many ventures as it is not that common to have a western serious actor to be active in music scene at the same time, but this is actually quite a normal practice in some Asian countries, especially Hong Kong.

  5. PRINCE JKS is the most versatile star i’ve known and the most charming too…he’s good in whatever he does and so different from stereotyped actors who are stucked in one place…he is kind enough to share all of his awesome talents,that way we are bored and always thrilled,it kept eels happy and always amazed by him…as much as i want to see him in a drama or movie,i’m also having so much fun with TEAM H…they really rock!!! so i dont mind if he’s not into acting nowadays…im just so glad he is ALIVE..and kicking!!!!

    • I so agree with you maui…even for my age…
      one must dare to live beyond set boundaries..
      I’m enjoying whatever he’s doing : )
      he’s talented enough

      • mamacri,

        having fun is not only for teens,as long as you have the heart for it gogogo…sukkie can even help us be healthy with the kind of music Team H produced…i dance everyday to their beat,sweat it all out,good for the heart coz im not that young either 🙂

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