2009 JKS birthday celebration

Credits: 文瑞真 @ Youku
English subtitles by Aphrael77

Ok, ladies, we have gone officially into “history review” mode here, sieving through old pics and videos and seeing what looks interesting to be shared. As a relatively new fan, I think I’ve missed out a lot of JKS videos from the past (including this one which I saw for the first time today), so this is a good time to catch up!

Video quality is not clear, but it’s obvious that JKS was having a great time, seemingly without any care or worry. Love JKS the way he is – not keeping up any fake pretences or image in front of the camera, but just being naturally himself. I feel happy watching him being happy!

By the way … why was JKS wearing sunglasses in the supermarket? To avoid being recognised? He’d be even more conspicuous wearing sunglasses in a supermarket! And was that manager Kim in the video too? Too blurred to tell!

6 thoughts on “2009 JKS birthday celebration”

  1. maybe its too bright inside the supermarket.. haha 😀 and yes, i think i’d seen also manager kim with him.. JKS seems a really nice and happy person.. love him wearing white.. thanks for sharing.. i like the video.. his smile and laugh is contagious..

  2. Watching the video, one can feel his happiness and free, and enjoy. We all knew his birthday, but anyone can tell me the time of his born, I am really interested in his BAZI, destiny code, which factors make him such lucky person, achieve such success at such young age, still keep very happy mode?

    Yes, we all know his hard working behind, but don’t you think he has enjoyed the good luck in the Heaven, Earth and Man cosmic trinty, Chinese saying “天时,地利,人和”

    Wish him be happy forever.

  3. Thanks for subbing! But wait…it says the date was 04.08.09….I saw a bts from YAB they celebrated his bday drg shooting of Go Mi Nam spitting to put out the candle scene. Oh well, I presume they must hv celebrated pre or post date…that means he took a short break drg the YAB shooting

  4. I like his body on that vid, so young and fresh……now he is getting thinner because of work overload? sukkie take care of your self…….how about his 2010 bday??
    thank’s much for sharing this cute vid Aphrael…


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