[News] Team H/ JKS official Ameba blog open

Credits: Ameba blog

As he announced beforehand, today, on Feb. 14th at 12:00, Team H/ Jang Keun Suk official blog opened on Ameba blog (a.k.a. ameblo), Japanese popular blog service. He opened this blog to promote Team H spirits to the world. And he expects that this platform is good to let people who don’t know Jang Keun Suk or Team H well realize who they are. Especially he expects to get more men’s fans! To show them, he’ll try to post one never-seen-before video each day. By doing so, even who can’t attend Team H party nearly held in Japan will understand them.
You can access the blog without registration. Big Brother already has his ameba blog, but he hasn’t updated for a while… -_-; Anyway, please access the blog often and promote it to the world! Zikzin!!


6 thoughts on “[News] Team H/ JKS official Ameba blog open”

  1. wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im as excited as him!!!!!! cant wait for his updates… is like something to look forward to on a daily basis!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG!!!! today is my best Valentine’s Day ever!!!! a special date with our Prince 🙂 he’s my Valentino 🙂 everyday updates,what more could we ask for?

  3. so much hardship on his new blog I wish there’s an easy way that we can easily send comments without any use of translation,I just wish that my sky JKS also looking forwards that there some of Eels who could not learn how translate, some of them feeling so disappointed knowing that they cannot easily send them comment without a Japanese words so sad, hope the are also a blog that all Eels can open up whats on they’re mind and heart without hesitation it much better if it is an English blog


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