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Audio source is valuable assets for artists. I understand eels are tempting to hear without doubt, but, if you upload them in public such as YouTube, there is a risk exploited commercially by not eels. That makes Big Brother sad. Those who recorded it on the radio, please keep it private. Those who are interested, please ask your friends to share : )
음원은 아티스트의 소중한 자산입니다 장어라면 당연히 듣고 싶겠지만, 유투브같은 공공장소에 올리게 되면 장어가 아닌 장사꾼들에게 악용당할 소지가 있습니다 그럼 BB가 웁니다 라디오에서 녹음하신 분은 개인소장, 궁금한 분은 친구에게 달라고 하세요 : )

Soon the full version PV is coming out and we start to promote it in each country ㅡ On Feb. 20th, the same day as the album release, you can get it on iTunes, too. Please have a high expectation of it!!
앞으로 풀버전 PV 공개 및 각국에서의 프로모션들 ㅡ 2/20 앨범 발매와 함께 아이튠즈에서도 구입가능하니 많은 기대 부탁드립니다!!

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  1. no matter how long I been waiting I will wait till the time that this videos will release,the more I been waiting the more I fell exciting to watch and hear his album I been looking forward for this


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