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Today Team H audio source was unveiled at Tokyo FM radio station! ㅡ But, those who recorded are asked to listen personally : ) ㅡ Uploading it on YouTube is not allowed. No! No!
오늘 Tokyo FM에서 TEAM-H 음원이 공개! ㅡ 하지만 녹음하신 분은 혼자 들으세요 : ) ㅡ 유투브 업로드는 No! No!

Eel: How about uploading the teaser/ promotional video… is it OK ???^^;;
Staff: Yes.

@codeinconnu 티저영상과 홍보영상 업로드는….괘않죠???^^;;
@JKS_miniimo 넵

At present the teaser of Frau tour “TEAM-H PARTY” ㅡ Tomorrow, on Jan. 25th in Korea, China and Japan, the teaser of “I just wanna have fun” will be shown to the public. ㅡ This should be widely promoted and circulated CRI!! ㅡ TEAM-H Go Go Go!!
현재 프라우의 투어 “TEAM-H PARTY” ㅡ 내일 25일 한 / 중 / 일에서 “I just wanna have fun” 티저 연상이 공개됩니다 ㅡ 이것은 널리널리 전파크리!! ㅡ TEAM-H Go Go Go!!

130124 DS in TOKYO ㅡ Opening movie starts at 20:31 ㅡ MC ending comments at 23:03 ㅡ For 2 hours and 32 minutes, Beautiful night.
(text in the image: Cordiality gets across to others eventually.)

130124 DS in TOKYO ㅡ 오프닝 영상 시작 20:31 MC 종료 안내 멘트 23:03 ㅡ 2시간 32분 아름다운 밤

20th anniversary shoes~
20주년 디너쇼 끄읕~

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