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I want him to be himself; feel free to cry, laugh, drink, act, sing, dance and enjoy himself freely. ㅡ He is the kind of person who derseves to be happier than anyone.
(text of the image: Leading actor, Jang Keun Suk)

언제나 자유롭게 울고 웃고 마시고 연기하고 노래하고 춤추고 세상을 만끽하며 즐겁게 그렇게 너답게 살아가기를 ㅡ 누구보다 행복할 자격이 있는 그런 사람이니까

130120 DS in OSAKA ㅡ Opening movie starts at 20:30 ㅡ MC ending comments (I was weeping bitterly…. I faied to record) ㅡ There was a bond *crying crying crying
(text of the image: If there is at least one person who believes me and understand my feelings…)

130120 DS in OSAKA ㅡ 오프닝영상 시작 20:30 ㅡ MC 엔딩멘트 (통곡 중이었으므로… 적지못함) ㅡ 키즈나는 있었다 눈물눈물눈물

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  1. M dear Jang, I’m Genie I been your followers since the first moment I saw you, I could not forget you because your the only stars who caught my attention, I don’t really love watching any kinds of dramas specially Korean, but when my aunt handled me the Hwang Jini dvd tape my first impression is what a waste of time but my aunt said before I say nothing good about it I must watch it first.They first moment I saw Jang I really don’t know what makes him be close to my heart and his the only star who can make me smile.Since then I started to follow you and to know every thing about you,I know being a Asia prince is really a great achievement but also a big disaster, what I mean of disaster are those people who dislike you being a Asia prince.It is really hard that not all people will gonna like you I heard that they keep on saying against you, though we know that tounge has no bones that can hit direct you, but when it started to say words is just like a 10 times stab wounds in you inner self and when Heart hurts it can affect all over your body specially can make your brain be blanky just like you’ve completely lost your mind. My dear Jang, don’t ever forget that your only a “HUMAN BEING” not a “ROBOT” you have a “HEART” that can feel happy and sad,If things get really hard for you and you can’t hold on any longer like a bomb ready to explode but still you want to keep inside that’s a very very wrong decession because being a human you have a “RIGHT to Speak” and open up what in your “Mind and Heart”, if your mad and angry show it tell them how really upset you are,don’t keep inside as long that you speak the truth you do the right things you have nothing to be afraid of.Being true to your self is the best thing you can do to feel freedom inside, no matter how gonna looks scary you are when your angry as long that you show how you really feel don’t hesitate to do it, if the eels and your fans really loves you and support you no matter kind of a person are you still they stay with you.My dear Jang being a Asia prince is not easy task lots of people they keep they’re eye on you they always follows every thing you do.BUT I want you to know that we must face the facts that not all decession we make is right, for what I say we are not “PERFECT” sometimes for us the things we do is perfectly right but to they eyes of other person is wrong,before we put the things inside of our hearts we must first see the other side of this, maybe they the things they wanted to show us is the things that can make us a better person.Those people who dislike you are those people who cares about you, you know why? because if they don’t really like you why they are wasting they’re time to get know every thing about you saying things regarding your looks they way you sing, dance, and act, if they didn’t care about all this whay they still there watching you, that means they show they’re loves for you by making dis approval of every thing you do but the truth they really like you, am I right? so my dear Jang don’t be upset every time you read an articles that can make you upset all you have to do is to put in your mind that they “LOVES YOU” remember that GOD said “LOVE YOUR ENEMY” joke smile my dear Jang, hehehe

    • Hello Genie My dear you are so lovely i read your note for keun suk.have you ever heard this sentence:when aperson is very seccessful your enemies and gassips rise up as your fame and this sign says that you are secced !! change your out look dear .keun suk knows his abilities .some times i become so worry about him but trust toGod and ask God to save him in every situation .GOOD LUCK my flower Genie:*

  2. I love codeinconnu’s tweet. I can’t add more to what she said. Truly, JKS deserves to be free and happy. I hope he gets to achieve it despite the fame and popularity. It could be be difficult to have it in his stature but I wish people, especially his fans, will give him that freedom.

  3. who is codeinconnu to our prince??

    We love our prince as he is, sometimes like a kid, mischievious,naughty,all smiles and sometimes like an old man…to much thoughts and taking too much responsibilities; but above all he’s a growing young talented man with all the streaks that comes with it..
    But he’s always aware of and thinking about people around him.
    Sukkie, you’re just a ordinary young man, live your life to the fullest, be happy but be sad also if it must….
    Like Tahere already said…the more successfull the more envy and gossips….there will always jealous people, who don’t get that you are also very hardworking, prepared to take risk, you do it for your Godgiven talents and not only for the money…. you are a honorible man because you are brought up that way and it’s your nature..we as your cri love you for what you are!!
    Don’t let them get to you for you are very very precious to us, your fans…the ones who appreciate your talent and your love


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