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The infomation of TEAM-H official album released worldwide! ㅡ 1) Japan : PONYCANYON http://a.ponycanyon.co.jp/team_h/ 2) Asia : Warner Music http://t.co/FXvBS9Vn (I just post the Taiwanese link once published.) 3) China : (I’ll write after the info is released to the public.)
TEAM-H 월드와이드 정규 앨범 발매정보! ㅡ 1) 일본 : 포니캐년 http://a.ponycanyon.co.jp/team_h/ 2) 아시아 : 워너뮤직 http://t.co/FXvBS9Vn (일단, 공개된 대만것만 링크합니다) 3) 중국 : (공개되면 씁니다)

tenshi_akuma’s note: According to PONYCANYON website, this album will be released on the same day, Feb. 20th worldwide. So I think more info about the released info in other Asian areas will be out soon. But what is the most difficult thing for us eels is which released version we should get. There are many versions, but no one replied an eel’s question that all of the covers are different… and according to each website, Japan and Taiwan, the price of Taiwanese version is less than half of Japanese one. However, Japanese one comprises 13 songs. Instead, Taiwanese one does 12 songs… I think we should consider carefully which to buy until the released day.

ASIA ver. ㅡ A type ㅡ / package size – 18.6×26.5 / format – CD (songs 12 tracks) / jacket – 17×25 sized 20P lyrics book / freebie poster
ASIA ver. ㅡ A형 ㅡ / 패키지 사이즈 – 18.6×26.5 / 구성물 – CD (노래 12곡) / 자켓 – 17×25의 20P 구성 / 증정용 포스터

ASIA ver. ㅡ B type ㅡ / format – CD (songs 12 tracks) – DVD (2 MVs + the BTS of making MVs) – 40p Luxury booklet
ASIA ver. ㅡ B형 ㅡ / 구성물 – CD (노래 12곡) – DVD (MV 2편 + 메이킹필름) – 40p 호화 북클릿

As the ad of Taiwanese version has been circulated and it seems many people are concerning about the content, I answered as long as I know. ㅡ For more detail, please refer to each website : )
지금 대만의 홍보지가 돌고 있고 내용을 궁금해 하시는 분이 많으신 것 같아 제가 아는 선에서 답했습니다 ㅡ 나머지는 각각 유통사의 홈페이지를 참조하세요 : )

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  1. for me there’s nothing wrong if there are many version circulated about the JKS album, as long that the content will fully understand, we can easily fell the song if we can understand the meaning and beside’s its really a big help, here in Philippines I would like also to have a own version of that album hope it will come true


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