9 thoughts on “[pics-4] Jang Keun Suk at Hunan TV Countdown Show_20121231”

  1. and to prove more of his popularity,the ratings of the show suddenly picked-up the moment Prince appeared…isn’t he amazing 🙂
    thanks for sharing!

    • what are the ratings?? Where can I see it?
      wonder what his present in Hunan TV did for his following in Weibo…
      can’t wait for him to dance on the Great Wall : )

      • @Mamacri Hunan TV countdown got no. 1 rating. His follower in weibo is increasing (last time I check is around 7.2 million and going to be 7.3 million soon)

  2. I’m so much admire my Sky JKS for being a hardworking star that’s why no doubt that he achieve being a Asia prince. I know some people dislike him critized him but I believe and I pray that my JKS can overcome all this bad comments towards him.To my Sky JKS “be strong don’t let someone take away all the things you’ve got now,being hated by others is normal for a popular star like you, your not perfect that all people gonna like you but as long that you did a right things for yourself and to other’s you have nothing to worry about. Hurted inside is normal if you fell that you can’t hold on your feeling any longer just cry it loud and after your tears away I believe that the pain inside will gonna be fine.Though it’s a temporary but it’s a little help to take away your pain,and remember if they’re are few people dislike you they’re are also many who love’s you and believe you and I’m one of them though I’m not in your side to lend my hand on you but all I can do is to keep on praying that you always strong never give up, remember someone far always ask god that he will protect you and stay with you till the end take care your health always”

    • Genie,

      Awwwww…I’m crying reading your heart-felt comment. Thank you so much for loving and understanding JKS, our beloved STAR!!!

      We, eels, must also realize that we can’t expect all people to like our STAR. So don’t feel worry or burden in your heart too much when you read or hear people said negative things about our STAR. Dear eels, we can always support him by defending him with the truths and POSITIVE messages.

      Sometimes, those negative comments or critics are the driving force for JKS to work harder to get better in his chosen profession, and grow up a strong wiser-man who is able overcome some life obstacles or bad criticism. As JKS said, “Even if other people insult me and scold me, so long as I have the truth, I have me.” and “I wish sincerity will get across to everyone eventually.”

      For the oldest of time between love and hate, love will always win at the end….!!

  3. thank you for responding my comments towards to my beautiful sky JKS I Know that I have nothing to help him in times of his sadness but sharing my comments is all I can do for him to let him know that I”m his loyal friend or fans here in Philippines,And I will always support him no matter what and I hope you eels will never leave him specially in times of his sorrow and pain we must pray the success of our beloved JKS. Thank you


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