[29.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Arrived at home! ㅡ Then… it’s time to prepare for China now!
집에 도착! ㅡ 자… 이제 중국 갈 준비하쟈! ㅡ

RT @momanilubna “@suzenmaria84: Our promise for you prince @AsiaPrince_JKS @codeinconnu #JangKeunSuk http://youtu.be/4zmwl1rxesw ” ㅡ 눈물이 주룩주룩…

tenshi_akuma’s note: According to her twitter, she arrived at home at 10:18 after working overtime. Nevertheless, she started to reply about our video. We can’t thank her enough. We shared our love together using English. Below is the screen shot of eels’ conversation. Just keep it in eels’ history. The bottom conversation is earlier one. After she was surprised to hear an eel’s home country, every eel tweeted her about theirs. kk

Lunch box for Busan dinner showㅡ I learnt through the broadcast that this was made in a camper van. It was not only delicious and pretty lunch box but also hearty one~ Thank you CRI-J fan club for preparing every time ^^
부산 디너쇼 수지킴 도시락ㅡ 캠핑카에서 만들면서 오는건줄은 방송보고 알았네요. 맛있고 예쁜 도시락만이 아닌, 정성 가득한 도시락이였네요~ 매번 준비해주는 크리제이팬클럽과 수지킴에게 감사합니다^^
tenshi_akuma’s note: MIN mentioned about this; Jang Keun Suk lunch-box(Busan Dinner Show)

Eels’ map
장어맵RT @nirvanera7 @codeinconnu Everywhere color, there are eels! Worldwide prince! I made the map! I’m from Argentina!

TEAM-H NEW Album [I just wanna have fun] ㅡ 2013. 02. 20 Rerease ㅡ
tenshi_akuma’s note: She corrected the spelling error later on Twitter.

Yesterday MV was shot in 3 languages, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. ㅡ Yesterday’s lively shooting scene will be broadcast on MTV, ch [V] in Asian countries in March. ㅡ Look forward to it!
어제 M/V는 한,중,일 3개 국어로 촬영 ㅡ 어제의 생생한 촬영 현장은 아시아 지역, 3월에 MTV, ch [V]에서 방송됩니다 ㅡ 기대기대! ㅡ

Supervisor: I release a photo I had kept!!! During JKS crishow2 tour.
Staff: Supervisor!!!! We need to prepare for cri show 3…

“@neoever9: 보관하고 있던 사진 투척!!! JKS crishow2 투어중 pic.twitter.com/JylKZflG” ㅡ 감독님!!!! 크리쇼 3 준비하셔야죠..

*correction – Yesterday’s shooting scene will be broadcast in Asian countries except China & Japan. ㅡ And my spelling was also wrong. Not “rerease”.. release- OTL ㅡ The photo is about Jason and Ankou (angler; cameraman) who have been working hard to release and promote the album in Asian countries.
*정정 ㅡ 어제 촬영 현장은 일본과 중국을 제외한 아시아 각 국에서 방송 ㅡ 그리고 또 철자 틀렸다 release- OTL ㅡ 사진은 중국과 아시아지역의 음반 발매와 홍보를 위해 열심히인 제이슨과 아구 ㅡ

Good night

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  1. Can’t wait to see him in Hunan TV. For sure another superb performance! And yeeesssss looking forward seeing his work in MTV. TEAM H, JANG KEUN SUK FIGHTING!!!!

  2. what a historic moment.. to be acknowledging our tweets.. We started to launch the video at 11am korean time, and within less than 40min, she started acknowledging our tweets. Besides thank you, only thank you.. And for all of ECI and other fan club admin effort in promotiong the video, thank you so much. We have manage to spread the videos to many eels worldwide and have touches many heart. Some were saying we have manage to capture the message that they wanted to tell him.. This is our promise, from worldwide eels.
    Prince, please see the video if you have not.. Is our little gift for you, for a brand new year!!

  3. Just for looking back at this later. The reply to me @ajchapman31681 says: Thanks and cried. The Prince is now a happy person. After shooting MV fell asleep. I will also inform him – Thank you.

  4. You missed the UK off the map sweetie, how long have I been with you guys now for you to forget me, lol, 🙂 plus i’m not even the only English Eel anymore :0) hugs & kisses xxx


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