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Pics scanned by KiKiWang0810 @ Suk Baidu Bar
English translation by Aphrael77

JKS’ White Valentine’s Day

Question: What habit do you have before bedtime?

Before I sleep, I will think about what I’m going to do the next day, maybe it’s work, maybe it’s only a friends’ gathering. To think about what may happen the next day, I feel, makes things run more smoothly.

Question: Although a celebrity loses a lot of freedom, at what times do you think being a celebrity is good?

When I’m given special treatment and service at restaurants, or special discounts when I buy things.

Question: If you can return to any period in your life, which period would you choose?

I want to return to the time when I was 20 years old. I didn’t worry about many things and I was leading a very happy life.

Question: Did you inherit your handsome looks from your father or mother?

Other people say when I smile, I look like my mother. When I’m expressionless, I look like my father.

Question: Celebrity students find it especially tough. What do you think school means to you?

Celebrities’ work is a bit more special, so it is actually not easy to make friends, especially friends of the same age. But in school, one can befriend more peers, so the school is a good place for me to know more friends.

JKS reveals his private life at Showcase

The most popular Korean pretty-boy actor Jang Keun Suk is not only a popular idol in the drama world, he’s also the best choice for product spokesperson highly sought after by many merchants. JKS held a Showcase for the Samsung Galaxy Player which he’s endorsing, and spent a happy time with over 300 fans.

High popularity results in flow of endorsements

JKS’ charming appearance and friendly personality result in Asia’s female fans falling for him. After concluding the filming of “Marry me Mary”, he continues his busy overseas schedule and prepares for his upcoming music album release. Due to his increasingly high popularity, JKS has become merchants’ favourite spokesperson. As the spokesperson for Samsung Galaxy Player, JKS took time out of his busy schedule to attend the Showcase on 27 Jan 2011 at 6.30 pm at Samsung’s building in Secho-dong, Seoul.

Faithful fans’ following

During the Showcase, the Galaxy Player video commercials which JKS acted in were aired, as well as popular girls’ group Sistar’s performance and interview. The event also included performance by comedians and customer activities. With several interactional activities planned, over 300 fans at the Showcase spent a happy time with JKS. Some fans could go on stage during activities to interact with JKS and even take photos together. JKS, who loves fans dearly, also made use of the opportunity to create the best benefits for fans, no wonder he has such a faithful following!

A peep into idol’s private life

The minute Samsung Galaxy Player’s exclusive spokesperson Jang Keun Suk walked onto the stage, fans’ shouting erupted instantly, and media cameras flashed non-stop. Through the big projector, JKS and fans admired the photographs that JKS took during his travel in Japan. From “JKS’ story” video, fans who attended the Showcase got to know more about JKS’ private life, their curiosity satiated. Also, during the body proportions game, many fans volunteered to participate, which caused some chaos on stage – evidence of his extreme popularity!

Promotion through interactional games

As a responsible spokesperson, JKS conveyed Galaxy Player’s unique selling points and usage naturally through interactional games, and indeed was successful in promoting the product. Another guest on the Showcase was popular girls’ group Sistar, who performed their sexy and cute hit songs “Push Push” and “How dare you”, as well as had interaction with fans during a brief interview. The final act by a comedian team also garnered much cheers from the fans.

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