[28.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

In January, Herald Tribune again! 40 countries, 27 fan clubs, thank you. ㅡ Now he’s really going to be World Prince! Since morning, I’ve been moved again. ㅡ Have a nice day!
1월에 또 해럴드 트리뷴지! 40개국의 27개 팬클럽, 감사합니다 ㅡ 이제 정말 월프로 가는건가! 아침에 또 감격했다 ㅡ 오늘도 좋은 하루!
tenshi_akuma’s note: The pic above are some ECI members with IHT. What a happy smile they have! After seeing her tweet, ECI members corrected her that now ECI has more than 50 countries’ eels ^^

The number of all countries recognized as a nation under international law is 242 including non-sovereign countries! ㅡ The number of countries international eels’ union is more than 50!! Keeping zikzin, it might be possible that he will conquer the world!! ㅡ Since morning, I’m searching cri ㅡㅁ ㅡ
국제법상 국가로 인정받는 전 세계의 나라 수는 비독립국 포함 모두 242개국! ㅡ 해외 연합 eels의 나라 수는 50개국 이상!! 계속 직진하면 세계 정복이 가능할지도!! ㅡ 아침부터 검색크리 ㅡㅁ ㅡ

A lot of losers to get tickets for Team-H Party in Makuhari! ㅡ Then, you’re coming to Sapporo to see!!
Team-H Party 마쿠하리 낙선자 많다! ㅡ 그렇다면 삿포로로 오는거다!! ㅡ
tenshi_akuma’s note: Makuhari, Chiba is near Tokyo. So this venue must be the most difficult to get the ticket.

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  1. Wow… All our lovely ECI sisters!!;) We have once again made it to tree J and team!!

    From Asia Prince to World Prince.. he did it in such a short span of time.. We are so proud of him!!


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