[12 Dec 2012] JKS joins Hunan TV’s New Year Countdown Party on 31 Dec

Source: Chengsa Newspaper (China)
English translation: Wen Lee

Korea No.1 Pretty Boy Jang Keun Suk joining in Hunan TV’s new year countdown party? Yesterday, our reporter interviewed the director of the countdown party and confirmed this news. As to the criticism on the internet that this was only a false promotional act, the director ‘strongly’ expressed: “He is really coming, if he doesn’t, I swear I won’t watch Korean dramas ever again, I promise”.

Apparently, JKS has built friendly ties with Hunan TV after filming Happy Camp in June 2012. When Hunan TV New Year party directing team issued invitation to JKS, communication between both parties went smoothly. It didn’t take long to confirm his participation for the NY countdown party.

Our reporter understands that in Korea, JKS practises Chinese whenever he has time in order to provide a great performance, “because he hopes to use Chinese for simple communication and to express himself”, according to staff in the directing team.

As to what he will perform, the directing team said: ”Currently, it’s confirmed he will sing 2 songs, but there is a possibility he may learn to sing a Chinese song on the spot (without music).”

MMM is currently airing on Hunan TV, so the directing team is also working hard to communicate with Moon Geun Young, hoping that this couple can sing a duet ‘over the air’ on New Year’s eve. According to our understanding, the reappearance of this ‘love couple’ is one of the many couples on NY’s eve specially designed in the programme.

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  1. For me, while I see this new, I am thinking about How our Prince will handle between the KBS award ceremony and new year countdown party? May be he is planing to buy private plane and fly to celebrate both ceremony. JKS deserves excellent best acting award for 2012 in Love Rain, his acting as Soe In Ha is naturally perfect and the love story between Soe Jun and Hana is so natural and romatic.
    I 100% support Prince JKS as a best actor in Love Rain.
    As an actor, naturally can act is more precious.
    Peaches, although Love Rain has low viewer rating cause it is not just trend for u now, but u can’t deny the perfectionist of the actors,director and drama, You will understand one day while u watch the Love Rain drama again.

    • Amen..hope he wins, would love to see him win a award. He really deserves to win..for he’s excellent in Love Rain.
      (Even better if he wins and they have to say he can’t collect the award himself because he’s busy promoting Korea in China hahaha)
      btw aren’t the low ratings from Korea where he is underappreciated ?
      Ratings are not important for me, a drama grasp me or not and this one did, especially JKS
      but more for us : )
      Love to see him any which way…hope I can see his participation on internet : S

  2. Well Peaches you are really rude. I admire JKS and True Eels will love & support his every works. I wonder if you could have done 3% of Sukkie & Yoona’s hard work in Love Rain, if not then how crappy can you be.

  3. Good news! Hope to see his charismatic performance of Take Care My Bus, my favorite song from MMM. Looking forward to seeing Kang MuGyul with his Mary if MGY can make it to the countdown party^^

  4. KBS award ceremony and Hunan TV’s new year countdown party, both are important to him. Since the management had decided, they should know how to handle it. Let’s not argue just relax and enjoy his show. JKS will to see it, I don’t think he will like.

    Best Regards,

  5. Peaches! omo! Better watch your words dear.. If you have nothing good to say, just keep shut. This is OUR PRINCE fansite and whatever your saying here will be your responsibility. ^_-

  6. Peaches, I have nothing against you and I think that you are not what your words seem to be. I respect your right to your own opinion but please, if you have something to say, I hope you can say it in a nicer way and refrain from using negative words. No bashing, please. We will greatly appreciate it.

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