15 thoughts on ““History of JKS” – hi-res pic”

  1. Can you believe the guy has a “history” book at 23!? That’s epic! I’m waiting for details to know If I’m gonna buy it, and today I’m going to search for his other dramas!

    • LOL…. he has done so much work by the age of 23, i guess it’s enough to fill a “history” book!
      by 30 years old, he can do a mid-life review or something 😀

      what other (JKS) dramas? which ones haven’t you watched?

      • Of course JGS dramas lol I can’t focus if he’s not in!!

        I really want to watch Hong Gil Dong because people are always positive about it (I think you wrote you liked it somewhere) and Beethoven Virus.

      • Pls watch Hong Gil Dong – it’s the drama where I fell in love with JKS!

        of cos, u’ll have to endure the inane antics of other characters and wait for JKS’ appearance, but it’s overall a fantastic drama. i got hooked from Ep 4 onwards and couldn’t stop watching – watched throughout 2 – 3 nights, something which I don’t usually do 🙂

      • Hahaha having to watch the other characters is the hardest part, I’m happy that it’s 20+ episodes of enjoyment!!

  2. Hong Gil Dong is also my msot favourite drama, only for him, after long working weekday, I waked up at 5am on Sat and Sunday morning, to watch this drama, and had to endure the pain to stop watching once my kids wake up, because I can’t let them feel unfair treatment, while I am enjoying drama they have to study for exam.

    JKS is born for prince, looks so charming with his long hair style, and his deep eyes looked at the camera, seems looked at me, I simply can’t resist.

    • Oooh you made me want to watch it even more, I saw pictures he’s so beautiful with his long hair and piercing eyes!! I still have 10 days of vacations so I plan to watch while my kids are at school *excited*

  3. Wow! I just found out from your posts above that you’re mummies! we’re in the same boat except that my son’s still young 🙂 So are you all getting the dvd set?

    Aphrael, I don’ think I can wait for my korean tutor to bring it back from seoul! By the time he comes back it’s end March/early Apr and I’m getting too ‘gian’ already 🙂

    • I do like the history of JKS, but I am afraid no subtitle, I am hate to watch something, but can’t know what is his talking about, and a bit slow about using internet, so I am still waiting further information.

      I saw some fans in facebook ask whether Colored Rhythms will introduce some side product during FM, so I am looking forward the DVD with subtitle.


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