[video] Jang Keun Suk Lotte Duty Free CF_20121129

Credit: lottedfs
Sourece: Lotte Duty Free

Text translation: tenshi_akuma
Hello, I’m Asian Prince, Jang Keun Suk. Here is the filming location for Lotte Duty Free. By the way, don’t you want my clothes I’m wearing now? It’s easy to get the chance. Just participate a special event planned by Lotte Duty Free. You can get a chance to be given clothes or accessories artists had put on as a present. Please apply for the event of Lotte Duty Free immediately.

Below clothes are given as a gift.

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  1. washed or unwashed? kkkkkkk….
    will the man who wore it deliver the clothes together? kkkkk this video comes in time to cure our lonesome after the final cri show! this vid give us lots of energy!!


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