[29.11.2012] jksjapan twitter

Today is final! Enjoy the show together to the full! (^з^)-☆

Soon the show starts! Are you ready~~~~ ?
まもなく開演! 準備はOK ですか~~~~

All Japanese eels, thanks so much for today!!

Thanks to a lot of eels’ love and support, today’s final show became memorable and awesome one. Again, thank you so much ^_^
たくさんのうなぎのおかげで素晴らしい公演のなりました。 本当に有難うございました^_^

5 thoughts on “[29.11.2012] jksjapan twitter”

  1. First the paper plane then the balloon and last the hot air balloon. Love to see his happy face. Thank you so much blue eels for making him so happy. 🙂

  2. so proud of him!! korean’s pride! it gonna be so cool if he gonna hang the inflatable plane on the plane back to korea!! or will he bring it back to korea and tie it at tree j building? or maybe at the new building in tokyo?

    It has been a dream for most of us here to be able to attend his cri show 2, some of them have not seen him live before, let alone those, who have never ever imagine themselves to be able to catch his cri show ever in their life time.. And we manage to catch him live over the internet that day. Although is just for a couple of minutes, but is a touching sight to watch Japanese eels revealing the gift to him, and every single emotions running through him, all present right in front our very eyes, in real time! We cried terribly.. While feeling his presence in our eyes, really moved, and very very lost for words.. The feeling is amazing.. We cried with ECI mates, together with him.. Because of eels, he became stronger and because of him, we became special.. I will never forget this moment in my life… with every one of us witnessing the live show together… *crying out loud* group hug ECI SIS n bro!!!

    Prince, you deserve everything and we are proud of you! We are proud to be your eels and we will look forward to cri show 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 etc and will be sending you chocolates even on valentines till old, our promise to walk with you, forever!

  3. amazing blue eels touched Prince’s heart with their very memorable gift,a moment that we will all treasure in our hearts forever as we walk with him side by side,a moment so inspiring and uplifting pushing us all to love and trust our Prince even more..



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