[28.11.2012] Tree-J staff and dancers twitter

UPDATE: added some tweets

Inside the venue, food stalls! Director Kim Seoryong said, “I don’t like to work with believing people, but in this team I can work with believing people.” ㅡ Director, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
공연장 안에서 야타이! ㅡ 김서룡 감독님께서는 “사람을 믿고 일하는건 좋지않은데 이 팀에서는 믿고 일하게 된다.”라고- ㅡ 감독님, 감사합니다!!!!!!!!!!

He’s praiseworthy and we are proud of our actor ㅡ In front of the 20th anniversary cake ㅡ
기특하고 안쓰럽고 자랑스럽고도 자랑스러운 우리 배우님 ㅡ 20주년 축하 케잌 앞에서 ㅡ

121127 SAITAMA at Encore ㅡ “Thank you!!” ㅡ
121127 SAITAMA at Encore ㅡ “ありがとう!!” ㅡ http://t.co/ELxZO3dA

솔로 남정네들 넷!

The second time food stall party. Indeed the scale is different.. A whole tuna.. huhu Let’s eat~~~
두번째 포장마차 뒷풀이. 역시 스케일이달라.. 참치한마리를 통채로.. ㅎㅎ 이따다끼마스~~~

I woke up early in the morning. I remember last night’s event… ㅡ Kurt came and carry drunk MIN-chan… Big Brother! He’s a really cool man! ㅡ MIN-chan… awake already…? kkkkkkkkk
아침에 일찍 눈이 떠졌다 어제 밤 일이 생각난다… ㅡ 술 취한 민짱을 업으러 온 커트… 빅브라더! 정말 상남자!! ㅡ 민짱… 일어났으려나… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅡ

Big Brother’s great sensitivity is suddenly well-known by that previous twitter!! ㅡ However, he’s a strict producer!! ㅡ This picture was taken during a rehearsal yesterday : )
아까의 트윗으로 자상함이 급 부상된 빅 브라더!! ㅡ 하지만 엄격한 프로듀서!! ㅡ 사진은 어제 리허설 중 : )

Let’s start again with Keun-chan!! ㅡ Continuous flying morning kisses!! ㅡ I wish everyone has a great day!!
근짱으로 다시 시작하는 아침!! ㅡ 모닝키스 연속 발사!! ㅡ 모두들 행복한 하루가 되길!! ㅡ http://t.co/ZvMD4hGc

Day after day I’m struggling. Day after day I’m living as if today’s the last day… That’s why I’m always frustrated…
매일매일 필사적으로 힘내고 매일매일 최후인마냥 살아가는 … 그래서 늘 안타까운 …

Something gave me a plenty of power! From now, I’m preparing for tomorrow! I feel like everything is connected! ㅡ The previous photo is Keun-chan’s hand : )
뭔가 힘을 듬뿍 받았다! 이제부터 내일의 준비를 한다! 모두 이어져 있는 기분! ㅡ 아까의 사진은 근짱의 손 : )

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  1. all of this update is overwhelming,im so happy to see him smile his genuine smile and so proud of his achievements…jyo zikzin Prince 🙂

    btw..my curiosity peaked again,sukkie’s handprint???for what??oh whatever it is,i will eventually find it out from here kkk i’ll wait for the next post 🙂 thanks!

  2. friends, colleagues, staff and team are like angels around him.. protecting him and soaring high with him.. we know he’s afraid to be alone and felt lonely while doing shows overseas, i rmb reading this in interviews and he mentioned about cri show 2010 / 2011, loneliness etc.. im glad this year he has many amazing people around him and i hope they can continue to shine on this boy..!


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