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Nov. 29th in 2009 and Nov. 29th in 2012 ㅡ I’m thinking a lot at night. I feel like crying.
2009년 11월 29일 그리고 2012년 11월 29일 ㅡ 생각이 많아지는 밤 눈물이 날 것 같은 기분

Here is the battlefield.
여기는 전쟁터

The Cri Show 2 Final in Saitama

121126 SAITMA ㅡ Opening video started at 19:13 and Ending scroll ended at 22:10 ㅡ 2 hours and 57 minutes. I’ll never forget paper planes ㅡ
121126 SAITMA ㅡ 오프닝 영상 시작 19:13 엔딩 스크롤 끝 22:10 ㅡ 2시간 57분 종이비행기 잊지 못할거예요 ㅡ

Today, the best Monday
오늘은 최고의 월요일

8 thoughts on “[26.11.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. Tenshi, Thanks a lot! While I was reading the statement Nov 29, 2009 Fan Meeting, then Nov 26, 2012 , the Cri Show, I can’t also help but recall what was written in one of the FA’s. How he was looked down and criticized by some of his countrymen simply because he openly mentioned to the public his dreams and aspirations. Four years had elapsed and here he is standing tall strong and loved by many outside of his country, had proven that he can achieve what he said. Hopefully those who looked him down had realized his great talents his generous heart and his honesty that seldom be found to many actors.

    • If you have to dream of something…..DREAM BIG!!!! I’m soo proud of Sukkie for always keep on fighting and dreaming BIG despite adversary criticism.

      Achieving that BIG dream or not is not the most importance thing….the process of getting there would make Sukkie gain valuable life experiences which will make him a wiser and better person!!!!

      Please keep on dreaming BIG, Sukkie!!! EELs will be with you no matter how long it takes to achieve your dreams…!!!

      • Yup… he is convinced what he can do…and he worked hard for it. So deserves what he has achieved. Kudos to him, his managers, his staff, his parents and course to all EELS who love and believe in him.

    • ..i agree with you sis Daryl, one thing i like about this prince is his fearless of expressing what he wanted to be…and words are powerful to make it into reality…it is not actually whether his dream is right or wrong( as others see it)..but his pure honesty of saying it in public…that’s why we love him right?
      …love also his latest shirt design..’the brilliant achievement’….
      …all thanks to you sis Tenshi for sharing God bless you sis!

  2. I love Sukkie!! I love EELs!!! EELs always make each concert memorable ones, from Zikzin postures to white sea to flying paper planes with touched simple messages!!! All are priceless gifts!!!! EELs are the BEST fans in the world!!!

    Thank you so much my eels friends for never give up on Sukkie!!!

  3. He stood on the stage of Tokyo Dome on 26 Nov 2011 and accomplished his dream.. on the 26 November 2012, it marks exactly a year from Tokyo dome stage.. he stood on the stage again with his eels.. I hope he will be able to “re-feel” the passion once again.. Whatever he may be going through over the past 365 days.. he may have lost the passion along the way, and the dreams he once had, for whatever he may be going through right now, i hope this week’s final stage will give him the strength and courage to accomplish his every dream and every hurdle in life.. We will look at him only.. And this is our promise to him..!;)


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