13 thoughts on “[pics-1] JKS departs from Gimpo airport for Cri Show 2 in Saitama_20121125”

  1. Oh it so nice to see him with his killer smile on these photos. Just missed him a lot. And he looks so gorgeous and handsome with that white pants. OMG a dalmatian print shoes? Well he has always a unique and distinct fashion.

  2. Though he is smiling, i just feel that something is very different. He looks great at caffe bene, but even then his smile is different.

    Today, he seems even more tired and is no longer as hyper and happy as before. I remembered him telling one fan that his wish is to be healthy during the fan signing at caffe bene, i just hope that he is not sick or feeling depressed.

    Another 3 concerts and 2 coming dinner shows. Hope he can really take a break after all these.

  3. Thanks,Ivy.I like the hair,his smile,the red turtle neck shirt,the long jacket,the white pants and the shoes,in other words all of him,so handsome.


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