[video] Jang Keun Suk Mentioned in Food Program, Tasty Road

Credit: @sa_sha26 twitter

Text translation of partial video:

Jang Keun Suk, an ‘all-round’ entertainer.

Host: Jang Keun Suk posted on his social network(twitter) that the food here is ‘crazy taste’

‘Crazy taste’ means very delicious. They’re eating at a restaurant that Jang Keun Suk suggested.

Host: Did Jang Keun Suk came here alone? He came with who?
Waiter: He comes here frequently with his friends.
Host: Girl?
Waiter: There was one time..
Host: Is she an artist? Who?
Waiter: They were at the private area at 4th floor.
Host: Famous girl group.

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  1. I don’t care about who the girl could be but please don’t say the actress from love rain. You know there’s Tiffany who JKS said in past is his best friend.

  2. please vote Sukki in ” Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award 2012″..pleaseeeeeeee!!!.
    thanks eels! 🙂

    I love sukkie-chan ♥…….my first love love love loveeeeeeeeeeee 4ever. I miss Sukkie-chan.

    OMGGGGGGG —-“famous Girl group”??…OMG….Im Yoon Ah is in SNSD O___O SNSD is the most famous Girl group in korea and the world…. is Yoon Ah??? . I don’t known 😀 . YoonAh is the most popular and famous member of snsd in korea and the world. (Gallup Korea and international 2012).

  3. surpriseeeeeeee!..big surpriseeeeeee!…hahhaa…their face are shock!!!…Eli and Ns Yoon-G are shocked!, but, they suspect “Yoona”. right!?!?. Me too.
    I’m Sorry, this is my truth.
    I hope that the waiter not be dismissed by his indiscretion. O.O X.X
    thaaaaaaanks! We support JKS.

  4. Yoona is a lovely girl. YOONSUKKIE will be a lovely couple if that happens. Love JKS & i will also like the girl he will choose. I think JKS will make a right choice.

    • 😀 I’m so happy! Yoona is a beautiful, talented, intelligent, fun, humble and famous K-star idol & JKS is a handsome, talented, intelligente, fun and famous K-star idol. I think YoonSukkie will be the most perfect couple. they are so amazing!. good couple ;).
      Yoonsukkie is real 🙂

  5. I wonder that what will be happen to that waiter. I think sukkie doesn’t ok about it because he love to protect his private life. but I’m happy when I hear something like this. I’m no idea that who is the girl but the first choice that I think of is Tiffany. And I think it should be friend’s hang out not date.

  6. Since JKS is busy always, i don’t think so that he’ll hangout with just any “girlfriends” – it will be someone special for him to give her a time out of his hectic schedules.

  7. Out of curiosity, I replayed the video and paused at 2:25 … indeed it was the waiter who mentioned the girl group … the hostess was too shocked to say anything LOL!

  8. something for all of you to consider or for some reality time http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?newsid=OTUINzMIODUIODMIODgIOTIINzMIMTA1CDY3CDgwCDg0CDg2CDkyCDcyCDg1CDgwCDg4CDkxCA==&enc=MjEyCDE2MwgyMTcIMTY0CDE3NAgxNDUIODUIMTI3CDE3OAgxMjgIMjA4CDE4OQgyMDkIMjE1CDIxOQgxOTIINzMIMjE3CDIwNAgyMzAIMTczCDY5CDY3CDIxOQgxOTYIMjAwCDEyOAg2NQgxNzQIMTgwCDE5OAgxNzcIMTk4CDE0Mgg3OQg2OAgyMjAIMTYwCDE2NggyMDYINzMIMjE0CDE5MwgyMzkIMTU5CDE2NQgxODMIMjE1CDE5OQg5MQg=
    see the food park shin hye is eating? don’t it look like the one in the video up there. she tweeted on how delicious it was and say KEUN CHAN you see this?? then hours later JKS tweeted saying I’M KEUN CHAN

  9. something for all of you to consider or for some reality time http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?newsid=OTUINzMIODUIODMIODgIOTIINzMIMTA1CDY3CDgwCDg0CDg2CDkyCDcyCDg1CDgwCDg4CDkxCA==&enc=MjEyCDE2MwgyMTcIMTY0CDE3NAgxNDUIODUIMTI3CDE3OAgxMjgIMjA4CDE4OQgyMDkIMjE1CDIxOQgxOTIINzMIMjE3CDIwNAgyMzAIMTczCDY5CDY3CDIxOQgxOTYIMjAwCDEyOAg2NQgxNzQIMTgwCDE5OAgxNzcIMTk4CDE0Mgg3OQg2OAgyMjAIMTYwCDE2NggyMDYINzMIMjE0CDE5MwgyMzkIMTU5CDE2NQgxODMIMjE1CDE5OQg5MQg=
    see the food park shin hye is eating? don’t it look like the one in the video up there. she tweeted on how delicious it was and say KEUN CHAN you see this?? then hours later JKS tweeted saying I’M KEUN CHAN

  10. Faye said,

    Out of curiosity, I replayed the video and paused at 2:25 … indeed it was the waiter who mentioned the girl group … the hostess was too shocked to say anything LOL!

    Given JKS character, if the waiter is allowed to say it. I believe is all well planned.

    JKS said that even if he has a girlfriend, he will not make the relationship public

  11. To Narsha…..then can you please explain http://en.korea.com/jangkeunsuk/board/jang-keun-suk-greets-park-shin-hyes-mom-as-mother-in-law-jks-twitter/
    the tweet came out during the shooting of love rain. other say is a joke but i think not. yeah, he said he will not make the relationship public, but with his personality LOL. cri show in thailand 2011 or was it 2010. JKS….”i like psh but i don’t know if she likes me back”. every now and then he would test out the waters.

    colamercato tweeted…”The correct answer will be announced” with a link http://m.media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20121006155910741

    • please, I can explain:

      this is only a joke!..lol. omg, our Sukkie is so bold and joker. Remember that Sukkie always protect “the woman” who him loves, He never would expose her slightly. sukkie could not release this kind of indiscretions of his grilfriend very slightly. also, Sukkie made ​​a joke similar to “Becky” a female star in Japan….

      * Jang Geun Suk_tweet 120701:
      – Sukkie said: Becky-chan, “MUSIC JAPAN” at NHK (18:10~18:39) goes on air today! Don’t miss it! I miss you~~
      – Becky said: Of course! Besides, I set the timer for recording! Because… I’m appearing on it! lol. What a coincidence!
      – Sukkie said: What?? Really?? Well, I’m going to give you my autographed CD when I visit Japan next time! With my heart! ^^

      …lololololol….sukkie is so joke!!!!….lol…I love this man!

      now, …why did ? why called PSH’s mother as mother in law?.

      1º Sukkie needed alleviate and lowering the bad mood of many fans and korean people jealous. (because many korean people love Yoona, therefore they were dead of jealousy).
      2º we know that Sukkie is a free, witty, funny and joker guy. (the best)♥.
      3º psh is old friend and they have confidence each and other but only as friends.

      But this year 2012. I think Sukkie has found “true love”, but Sukkie tries to protect and care of her. really is a courageous and romantic boy.
      Remember that after finishing his drama “Love Rain”, Sukkie began planning: how many children to have, how educate them, he wished to have a girlfriend, wanted to love, … he said “I’m feel alone”, “you do not hate me for saying what I feel, when I’m drunk “(we all know that drunkards don’t lie). I think Sukkie and Yoona decided to be just friends after finishing their drama “Love Rain”, but I believe that in October they have begun to give themselves a opportunity. I’m not sure, but I’m sure that Sukkie has a girlfriend this year and since October (remember he said in the Shenzhen concert in october: “… I fell in love.”).

      now!. park shin hye, becky, stephany, tiffany, Yoona are good friends of Sukkie. but actually, sukki is wearing a similar Yoona’s black bracelet.

      did you know??!…Yoona like bear (sukkie love bear, too, this year), candles (Sukkie like candles too_this year), chocolate menta, bread, pasta, her favorite number is “7”, su favorite word japan is “Kizuna” (-look at Jang Geun suk’s stamp, wrote kizuna-), one of her sobrenombrs is “Shikshin”, her type ideal is a “flower boy” (-Sukkie in china said: “I’m a flower boy”).
      There many evidences that demonstrate that Sukkie and YoonA are in love each other.

      the first own personal album of Sukkie “Just crazy” releasing in 30 May 2012, Yoona’s birthday is 30 May.too. lol. many coincidences..and more.

      I love SukNa ♥

      It’s a pleasure to meet you. ^^ nice day!.

  12. I’m so amused with the reporters’ reactions LOL! And I welcome the idea that SukKie should fall in love and have a girlfriend despite his busy schedule. Though he is so popular, I want him to enjoy his life as an ordinary 26 year old guy who would explore of getiing into a serious relationship. This kind of thing is part growth for any person. Either Yoona or any girl he really loves and I can understand his profession, I will be very for him. But I would also prefer that it will not divulge to the public.

  13. i don’t know you guys it could be another girl cuz jks knows not only yoona but stephany from the grace and they are close frinds and tiffany and jessica from snsd and others i’m sure…!but i also really wish it’s yoona 🙂

  14. Please calm down… I’m simply surprised that this thread is becoming so active.
    Sorry you seem to enjoy guessing, but from my analytic view, I’m sure the person accompanied by him is not his special girl. As all you know well about this restaurant, many his fans visit there, just to enjoy meals he recommends or to wish they can encounter him luckily. If he invites such a girl there, it’s highly possible to be witnessed by eels. Right? If I were him, I wouldn’t choose such a familiar place. And if the waiter really had revealed his secret and private life in public, he would have been fired. So I think it’s just for the promotion talk about his friend’s restaurant, Cola Melcato and to attract viewers’ attention to the TV show. Anyway, I’m just happy if he enjoys having a great time with whomever he’s getting along with. 🙂

      • ◘ I’m a ELF fan.
        ELF are community fan club for Super Junior. and as a good fan of SUJU, also we know the tastes of their sisters (snsd).
        I believe YoonA and Jang Geun Suk are only good friends. I think that Jang Geun suk isn’t her ideal type, Yoona has other type ideal. She isn’t superficial, not cares about the physical beauty, for YoonA the most important is the internal beauty, her father educated with norms and moral values. I remember reading that Yoona wants a guy loyal, adorable and mature (physically and personally mature), a man like Lee Min Ho or Kimura Takuya. Someone with whom she can to feel protected.

        I did not insult or offend idols by the jealousy, I respect Yoona and Jang Geun Suk, both are admirable idols, they deserve to be respected. YoonA’s the most beautiful, famous, talented and good actress-idol (She is not only a beautiful idol, she really is a noble soul, good, loyal, intelligent, honest and hardworking). Sincerelly I’m very surprised, because I have a short time to know Jang Geun Suk and I can say that he is a wonderful artist. Jang Geun Suk is one of the most handsome, talented, creative, successful and funny actor. beside, YoonA and Jang Geun Suk have a lot money, work so hard and …they are famous and one of the most attractive idols. they will be a cute and great couple.

        If, would exist one probbabilidad of they are dating as a real couple, 1st we really going to surprise (many sones and elfs), but we will respect their choice of them, but whereas yet nothing is confirmedwe, we will keep with the hope that YoonA marries Donghae. I’m sorry Eels and YoonSukki’s fan, is that Elfs see more empathy between Yoona and Donghae. And well, I wish that jang geun suk will be very happy with his girlfriend or wife that he has decided to choose for his life. Jang Geun Suk is an intelligent man, I don’t believe that just looking at a woman by her physical appearance.

        the end, only ones who can decide their lives are YoonA and Jang Geun Suk, I hope they do not publish their relationship, because we can already see someone are dead of jealousy and only respond with insults inappropriate and absurd. I prefer that they keep secret their private lives, although to know their relationship will be very nice and we can to understand them and share their happiness, will be great!, but exists a big problem: “always will exist jealous and possessive fans from both sides”.

        I wish you many more successes in your blog. I like your blog, Nice to meet You Thank you.

        Attentively —>>>> E.L.F fans.

        here link: “the kids love Yoona”, she is an truly angel.

      • thanks thansk 😀 I’m really very happy 🙂
        please!. I read: Jang Geun Suk has shared that he composed a song for Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and also wrote the lyrics…what is song?…please!!! help me :)..shock!…I love YoonSukkie♥

    • hahahaha! friend!, you’re so crazy, ^^ omg!,. psh and keun chan are only friends. you have to accept it.
      if, you put to reason, you will be able understand that they had many years to be together as a couple (since 2009) and the years have elapsed…and…Keun Chan never proposed anything to psh (conclution: They never had a dating relationship). our Keun chan is so friendly with each one os his friends.
      Stephany, becky chan, psh, tiffany, sica, hyori, Yoona and more…he’s so friendly with everyone.
      but…really, I just can accept that this is the first year (2012) in which Keun chan wishes to marry, fall in love, wants to have 2 childrens…and …Keun Chan begins to have new tastes this year (2012) as: bears, number 7, candles, flowers, bread, pastas, chocolate menta, color blue, word japan “kizuna”, word korean “ZikZin”, and more tastes. ( very similars to Yoona). beside, now Keun Chan wearing more suits and looks more mature and hot.!. great change!!!

      Yoona and psh are good girls, I like both, but, honestly, Yoona is amazingly beautiful, sexy, famous, popular, succesful and talented. Yoona is one of the best girlfriend for Keun chan.

      his big chance was …NO! 2009 (with psh), YES! 2012 (with Yoona).

      I hope I did not hurt, but it’s true.

      See you later peaches.

      video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ8WZXf3uxY
      video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOE-vWv3peI

      (sometimes I think they are crazy and are very compatible.^^)

      • whatever!! he wishes to marry long before love rain. this year was yoona, 2010 to 2011 was moon geun young on how the delusional fans think their are dating just because of a SCPRITED DRAMA. promotion ends in japan and nothing ever happen between them. where as psh you’ll get something once in while and you’re beautiful ended in 2009. see you in a year or better yet when he got a new leading lady n 2013 then we will start this again ahahaha

      • @peaches.
        the difference is: JGS composed and wrote lyrics inspired in Yoona 😉 😀 (one part of lyrics said: “I KEEP FLY FOR YOU”.)….^0^
        ..sorry, psh is in the past and just is a friend. i don’t hate psh, she is good girl, but, JGS just to have love for YoonA…and Yoona’s amazing.

        I love prince JGS forever..he always is/will be my Nº1 in all.

        JGS’s zikzin and YoonA’s shikshin

        sorry friend, it’s my true.

    • Don’t be sad. Shin Hye is a precious girl, there is someone whom God ordained for Shin Hye. and her parents are seeing to it that she marries “God’s will” for her.

      Remember this: Some of Go’s greatest mercies are His refusals.

  15. lol. haven’t visited here for sometime, and was just lucky to try if the net permits the connection for here. voila.

    the moment i encountered this article, i also sensed there will be guessing here because of the mention of “famous girl group”. lol.

    won’t also give a deeper meaning should that group be snsd.^^ like most of you mentioned, tiffany, jessica, and maybe now, including yoona, are close to him. but knowing our prince, i believe that it’s only one of his friendly hang out.^^

      • hahaha peaches, just accept the fact that JKS and Yoona had a “private” meal together. that video doesn’t lie. move on with your life and stop spreading hatred. true eels are friendly and doesn’t pick a fight.

        Peace! 😀

      • Why cling you at past?…why hard you accepting something so obvious?..Yoona and JGS had a private meal together (only for 2). 😀

        Yoona and JGS are busy people, it is difficult to have free time for meal together, but. they took free time, only for them. We know Heechul is a good and old friend of JGS and Yoona, now I asked:
        why heechul wasn’t to meal with them? If, they are good friends…or… why weren’t tiffany or Sica to accompany them? if, they are good friends, too.

        I remember Lee Hong ki, psh, Yonghwa and JGS went out to eat and drink together in public, because they are just friends. (all as a group of friends). JGS always likes go out with friends, but I think JGS meeting with Yoona was more special. JGS only date with Yoona. they went out only two (on that day). and in private!!!!..O.M.G. 😀

        remember that JGS has a lot of work, JGS said to psy “…But he keeps calling me asking to meet up. I’m busy. Hyung. It’s uncomfortable. Asia’s Prince is busy,”…lol.
        clearly shows that JGS is very busy with his business. Yoona is an busy idol too, but He took a time just to have a private meal with Yoona. :D. I believe both left everything and took a break just for them, without the company of other friends. ♥ 3 ♥

        with all the evidence shown by fans and the video, I maintain: YOONSUKKI or SUKNA IS REAL!.

        beside they looks so comfortable together and so close each other. they are so happy together. very nice couple!…very very nice couple!♥

        😉 QUE VIVA EL AMOR ♥

      • The waiter didn’t say that JKS and Yoona had a meal just the two of them. He said JKS and Yoona came with friends and all of them ate in the private area. Read the whole translation I posted below in one of my comments on this article.

    • I love You link, You’re so great!!!, thanks for video!!..omg..omg omg omg….xd xdx dx dx…yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!…I’m so hapy..happy happy!!!! the waiter mentioned : “YOONA -shi”…amazing!!!!
      :O but, this might cause problems for them. Remember that the company of Yoona is a company slave and possessive, especially SM-entertainmetn is very possessive with Yoona. I hope people take it calmly. Moreover, They are the cutest couple. but , I have a fear of SM. Sm-entertainment don’t like scandals, SM is capable of forcing to Yoona, example: “she forgot oppa Sukkie” :(… will be sad. :'(.

      thanks for link “U2B”…I am very happy :)) but ….also I am very worried. :((

  16. LOL.. I really enjoy reading all your comments and debates here.. Whether this could be true or not, JKS can really attract his Eels and non-eel ‘s attention and stimulate reactions as..always… But above all we, eels always wish our Prince the best and happiness ^_^

  17. Girls sorry but i believe that when it comes to love there is no such thing as ‘ideal type’. Love is a feeling (emotion) of wanting to be with that person (first stage)missing that person so much. Some fell in love with totally opposite of their ideal, me myself speaking from experience. Anyway happy for Sukkie, hope one day he’ll find someone truly special & will get his wish of marrying before 30 will be happy for him whoever she is. JKS will be a loyal wonderful husband that is for sure, like his father to his mom. Yoona can be pretty loyal too. 🙂

  18. Hahahahahaha so amused with all the reactions! But the BIG QUESTION is WHAT IF IT’S TRUE that both Suk & Yoona like each other…I mean not only like but really love each other? If we put ourselves in their situation, for sure we do not like people to intervene our feelings, that’s very personal. And to be honest with it even our parents cannot dictate whom we like to love, whom we like to make relationships. Just my thought about it…

    • you have a serious problem of disorder and obsession!, friend. I suggest you take a deep breath and relax. You’re obsessed with p.s.h., this is insane absurd. Many years as friends and never existed nothing formal between them. I ask You: What happens???? when Sukki will be married with another woman? You will still think p.s.h. is only one for him????? you’ll still waiting and you’ll see as: p.s.h will be forgotten more and more with time.
      beside J.G.S Interview_100 Q & A (“CUT Magazine” June 2012):
      Q44: Do you believe fortune teller?
      JKS: I’m more on believing in myself. (-He doest not believe in fortune teller-then, bye psh.).

      Actually, I am waiting his next drama/film, history, director and leading lady,too, really also I think Yoona is waiting his next drama with his next leading lady, too. Yoona’s a special, intelligent, talented, beautiful, magnificent and brillant lady and a famouse star idol. honestly I think yoona’s fans is waiting her next drama, too. (they aren’t jealousy) beside Yoona is the ideal type of many idols. Yoona is the kpop idol that has A LOT of celebrity fangirls/fanboys. Many male idols are waiting to have a opportunity to be close to Yoona.

      Remember, J.G.S and Yoona are actors, they work in drama or film and will have new partners in their next dramas/film. – because “only is JOB”-, That’s no reason to be angry or jealous. Actually, J.G.s. is working in every CF with different girls. Yoona is working in every CF with different boys, too (ex: Yoona and Lee Min Ho traveled together to Australia in August for Eider, for only job). –only is job job job!–. No problem between them, J.G.S. and Yoona are professionals, beautifuls and succesful.

      And, J.G.S. and Yoona continue to meet and taking meals private and secretly.^____^. I wish YoonSukki can to be as a couple, both are so perfect and fantastic.

      I send greetings and I wish a lot succesess/hits for Yoona and Sukki by their new albums will be released in 2013.

      Thanks for your blog!!!

      • We will NOT have a chance to see his GIRL with him together in the public ,at least not now.

        JKS once said that even if he has a girlfriend, he will not make the relationship public. “I will not make public the relationship in order to protect her. I don’t want her to be under so much stress, and it does not bring any benefit to our relationship.”

  19. @ Helenna,

    Agree with you. True or false, we don’t know. But if both had a scandal like He and B in 2008 and the co take action
    to change HPAnd manager. This will be another blow for him.
    He will missed some good friends or whatever u call it.

  20. this is an incredibly great news!.
    woooooooooooooooooooow!….they are cool!…YOONSUKKIE IS TRUE!..Let’s Go Yoonsukkie, Let’s Go Yoonsukkie, Let’s Go Yoonsukkie, Let’s Go Yoonsukkie, Let’s Go Yoonsukkie ☺.
    I love Yoonsukkie. 4ever!!!

  21. lol!!! I’m reading all the comments here.. anyway, let’s just love them with the talents they shared to us and enjoy it and leave their personal life to them after all what we want to see is that our idols are happy and successful in all aspects of their life..

  22. Tell me people, especially the followers of JKS and Yoonah. Since most of you are claiming that they are sweethearts, infact without batting an eyelash you are 100% definite that JKS’ girlfriend is Yoonah.

    There are rumours right now in Korea about Yoonah and PSY, do you think that JKS is affected by these rumours? Because, almost at the same time that these rumours broke-out JKS sulked from the public. He practically stopped tweeting and he looked depressed.

    So tell me, what’s happening between Yoonah and JKS?

    all those who are 100% sure, what’s the latest then? Share your stories.

    • Hi!. right!
      on october 28 of 2012, Jang Geun suk in his concert in shenzhen, he looks so happy…he said: “I feel in love”.
      but on november of 2012…Sukkie looks so sad :'( .
      I think Jang guen sukand YoonA had an intimate relationship in October but ended in November. why?????…I think the problem between YoonA and Jang Geun suk…was for two situations:

      **** First—> scandal Yoona and PSY. omg!!! On November 3, one Chinese media reported: “The prettiest star SNSD’s Yoona and Psy from “Oppan Gangnam Style” are having an affair?!.This ‘beauty and the beast’… (plop!!! I was in shock, I thought …mmm..this is lie!!! and this is false information, and later I read: On the 5th november, in response to the news SM Entertainment stated, “These are nonsensical reports to which it is not worth responding to. We think it is quite regretful to hear.” YG Entertainment responded similarly saying, “The information is absurd. We are astonished.”).

      **** Second —> scandal the grace’s Stephanie and Jang Geun Suk. omg!!! On November 5, Stephanie appears on Mnet “Beatles Code 2” and revealed that she met actor Jang Geun Suk through an arranged date….(plop!!! in the past, I’ve heard lots rumors about jang geun suk and the grace’s stephanie, but, now now… I think they had an intimate relationship).

      Stephanie and YoonA work for the same company, will YoonA be able keep a intimate relationship with the ex-boyfriend of her partner and unnie?? (–if in case, yoona and Jang Geun Suk have an intimate relationship–)….for that reason, YoonA and Jang Geun Suk are moving away (but they look very sad). I think Yoona is moving away from him … more and more…for the respect than Yoona has her unnie Stephanie. REMEMBER: “in the Oriente THE RESPECT is much more important than in the Occident world”.

      days before that Jang Geun Suk and YoonA had their first meeting for their drama “Love Rain”; Stephanie and Jang Geun Suk had HOT conversations on September of 2011 (to see twitter). then, what’s up? here.
      I don’t known, or maybe?! Stephanie wants to return with Jang Geun Suk.

  23. Dear Eels and non-eels , I just want to say that Sukkie and all his friends and whoever is his future wife are and will forever be loved by me.

    I have seen the whole video , the waiter said that JKS and Yoona had a meal with friends. It wasn’t a date ^_^ . It was a friends outing. From the translation I got , all of SNSD and maybe others were their. So let’s not jump to conclusions. As real eels we will support Sukkie and whoever he chose as a GF or wife ^_^

    Peace everyone! I will leave you with the full translation ^_^ :

    Avisha Patel Translation:

    NS YoonG: Jang Keun Suk did came here alone right? He came with who?
    Manager: With some friends.
    NS YoonG: With girls?
    Manager: ya, there was once.
    NS YoonG: Is she an artist?
    Eli: Who is it?
    NS YoonG: Tell us the initial.
    Manager: They were sitting at 4th floor private area.
    NS YoonG: There’s a private area.
    Manager: Famous girl group. They have 12 members.
    NS YoonG: 12? 12 members? In Korea is there girl group with 12 members?
    Manager: He came here wWith Miss Yoona.
    NS YoonG: Oh…9 members! LOL. Ah, so with Girls Generation.
    Manager: (He came here with)Yoona and her friends.
    NS YoonG: Ah.. because they had a drama together. Ah, you have nearly fooled us.
    Manager: Have a nice meal.
    NS YoonG & Eli: Thank you

    • thank you for the complete translation. LMAO it wasn’t private between the 2. common sense say the people at the restaurant wouldn’t disclose JKS personal life on TV.

      • Welcome , please try to be nice to everyone ^_^ we don’t ridicule others. We respect all even if we don’t agree with them. Please try to write with less heated words. Hope everyone get a long in here. Non of us has the right to choose JKS’s partner so please behave with that in mind 🙂

  24. LOL!! I jus read some of the comments here!! so much drama!! 🙂 guys it wasnt keun shin or yoonsuk it was me!! am a famous girl grp member at night in korea 😛 trust me…its real…lets all chill and enjoy…my comment was jus for fun ok?

  25. To everyone who posted and confirm and re-confirm about the 100% factual relationship of JKS and Yoonah —- I am waiting for your reply… Is sukkie affected by the rumours spreading throughout Korea about PSY and Yoonah? That wherever PSY is, Yoonah will most likely be there too…that even PSY’s wife is aware of this? there are so many pics uploaded already…

    Because, JKS looks depressed these days. the smile is not genuine…he looks really unhappy….

    because you seem to be updated at all fronts… it is good to know how he is in relation to all these rumours..is it ok with him that his sweetheart is going out with the married PSY? there is divorce in Korea, you know…

      • Daryl Lade, ikr…. and i shall ONLY ship KEUNRINAFOREVER!!! Wahahaha!!! Ladies…. lets PARTAYYYY!!

    • Hi Farina!!!!KKKK!!! Okey fine! I’m so amused, this post is really the winner with 84 comments in a row? OMG! bwahahhahah…Well my first 3 couples to ship…

      ist KeunMeg ( The greatest culprit)
      2nd KeunFarina ( The nth Mistress )
      3rd KeunKaori ( The original )

      And since nobody wants to own Gunsama and MJ, then they are mine bwahahahahha…I do not know if they are single, but since divorce is allowed in Korea,then there won’t any problem at all (JOKE) bwahahahahahha.

    • Ah okey…I’m too late GSM & MJ are owned by Hazy and Jennifer respectively. Then fine Jason is mine and he is solely be mine without a competitor. Bwahahahhah and he seems to have a lot of money kkkkk.

  26. We are living in a crazy worl Aigoooo such funny comments I think is Megeun couple ’cause look he is alwais saying that he wants to go to india… right Meg? LOL

    • Yeaaa!!he wants to date me during day in India while I date him at night in Korea 😛 😛 and thanks to all my shippers…MegSuk all the way!

  27. We will NOT have a chance to see his GIRL with him together in the public ,at least not now. This is his “peak’ period of his life.

    JKS once said that even if he has a girlfriend, he will not make the relationship public. “I will not make public the relationship in order to protect her. I don’t want her to be under so much stress, and it does not bring any benefit to our relationship.”

    Therefore just relax and be happy. Have a nice day

  28. I read:
    Jang Geun Suk has shared that he composed a song for Girls’ Generation’s Yoona and also wrote the lyrics…what is song?…please!!! help me I’m shock!…
    I love YoonSukkie♥

    • It is supposed to be the song “In my dream”. I read about it on Soompi’s news.
      Personally i doubt it because i read on one FA of Cri show 2, before he sang this song he explained to his eels that this song was for “Eels”. Just sharing what i read, lately.

  29. He wrote a song “In My Dream” for Yoona.

    Sukkie has this secret BIG CRUSH on Yoona. The feeling is mutual actually. Sukkie always hang-out with SM Entertainment arists. He was in SM concerts too. Yoona was his choice for Love Rain, his only choice. If you see the BTS, Yoona was openly flirting with Sukkie. At first, he was trying to ignore these. But when they kissed, he realised that he is truthfully doing and loving it. They reciprocated all those kisses. It was Sukkie who suggested those many kissing scenes. They started going out too. at first, just an alibi that friends are going out together. But soon, it was just both of them.

    At the same time, he was struggling with his feelings for Shin Hye. He always made Shin Hye cry. Shin Hye has this special gift of discernment where she can tell whether a person in telling a lie or not. Shin Hye is a very smart girl, well-brought up, frank, well-mannered, good cook, really funny, very genuine – most mothers’ choice for a daughter-in-law. Love Rain was the final nail that ended the friendship of Sukkie and Shin Hye. Shin Hye could not stand all the alibis and excuses. and during the last episodes of Love Rain, after Baesang, she called it quits. She twitted that she made the right decision, and she unfollowed everyone that she is following because she wanted to live a good life.

    Sukkie, while still filming Love Rain, did mention that he was waiting for a phone call that never came – 5 hours of waiting. He was waiting for Shin Hye’s phone call but his phone never rung…He was in a dilemna – Yoona or Shin Hye…Shin Hye made it easy for him to decide. She left and she’s not coming back – just like his song “Stay”.

    If you noticed, Shin Hye no longer wears any ring. She also started to accept activities where she is paired with Sukkie’s competitors. Before, she would not accept anything because of her loyalty for Sukkie. Meantime, Sukkie tries to avoid any activities where Shin Hye is present – of course. THESE DAYS, SHIN HYE LOOKS VERY HAPPY SANS SUKKIE. She is blooming; just becoming more beautiful each day. She can be herself and she enjoys going out with her high school friends. She lives a simple and uncomplicated life. Her dreams are simple, reachable and uncomplicated. A life which is not like Sukkie’s which really make them incompatible.

    Going back to Yoona and Sukkie’s composed song for her “In My Dream” – the dream became a reality. This video clip is true. The waiter was not bribed. A secret will always be revealed. Let them be happy. They are human too. If Sukkie is head over heels in love with Yoona, let him be. Sukkie and Yoona are compatible in their dreams – they both want to make it big. Yoona likes her centre position with Girls Generation. Sukkie likes girls with big dreams because his dreams are big too. Sukkie and Yoona are beyond simple lives. (I think that is one reason why they hang-out with PSY.)

    Personally, it is good for all of them.

    • It’s nice to have an opinion.But don’t you think it’s really not in our right to claim JKS friendship with someone has ended or not?

      I love both Yoona and Park Shin Hye.I love all of Sukkie’s leading ladies and friends. My post is not about couples.I just want to clear some things.I am writing this not because I want to prove you wrong. I am writing this because I felt you have painted JKS in a way I didn’t like , in a away that’s unfair for his image. JKS may be playful and mischievous.But I don’t believe he will love two women at the same time and double date. It’s something he said before.He can only love one woman at a time.He’s the kind who’s straight forward. If he felt his relationship isn’t going smoothly and that he fell out of love , he will just straight say it and break up.

      Jang Keun Suk’s friendship with park Shin Hye is still going strong. You claim ” It has ended” after Love Rain, but since ” Love Rain” filming ended JKS and PSH communicated like the old days , examples :

      1-At the end of May , PSH tweeted about her mother and JKS tweeted back saying ” Say Hello for mother in law”
      If what you said is true , and they are no longer friends , then that should have been something really cruel and insensitive to say , even just plain bad behavior that can’t be excused. Something I don’t believe Sukkie will do if they are no longer friends.

      2- June 22 , also after ” Love Rain ended , both JKS and PSH tweeted at the same time ( JKS 4-5 minutes earlier ) a picture of themselves wearing a-now-famous hair band called “Zikzin” designed by JKS himself.Something PSH will not do if she ended her friendship with JKS like you said. Why promote his design out of her own free will through her own personal twitter?

      3- 17th July , PSH and “cafe on” tweeted a picture from “Cafe on” Japan where PSH visited and left her signature on the photo wall and a table , something JKS himself did a little while before her. In the picture , their signed tables were next to each other. Do you know who owns that cafe? It’s JKS’s uncle (brother of his father) If they are no longer friends and she wants nothing to do with him because he made her cry all the time like you said. Why on earth would she promote his uncles Cafe and singed the table next to his?

      4- 6th October , PSH tweeted from Colamercato in Busan that has been newly opened and was promoted by JKS himself because the owner is his best friend ( not from show biz )she took a picture with herself and his favorite dish in the restaurant and actually called him with his nickname “geun-chan” , not formal at all but in a totally teasing way ” geun-chan are you seeing this? It’s really delicious!” A lot of Korean news reported how close both of them are for PSH to tease him like that through twitter. So , if she un-followed her friends because of him , why is she tweeting about him? And calling him nicknames and teasing him?

      5-News during November, you say PSH is a simple woman with a simple life that has no real big dreams. You obviously didn’t know about PSH’s future plans did you?

      PSH is going to be the FIRST Korean female actress to have her own Asia tour next year. Like JKS was the unique actor who started an Asia tour that continued for three years now , she is doing the same. Even though it’s risky. She can be simple like you said and follow the lead of other actresses and just have a fan meeting some where every now and then. But she’s a big dreamer and she’s doing something no Korean actress dared to do yet , I bet she was inspired by her friend JKS who did the same years ago. She also announced she will celebrate her 10th anniversary next year and surprisingly , the simple woman you claim she is , said she wants to become Asia princess ….. I think this is obviously inspired by her friend JKS who said the same thing years ago and while everyone laughed at him , he now truly become Asia prince.

      This post is made just to correct the unfairness towards the JKS character you described and your claim that PSH is a simple woman with no real big dreams that can match JKS’s.I’m not arguing for the sake of pairings or couple. That’s only JKS’s business.

      • Cri-J, well said and 100% agree!!! talk with facts in order to convince.

        Anonymous, will appreciate if u can research your facts beforehand and not some imaginary storyline.

        “If you noticed, Shin Hye no longer wears any ring.”
        — October 2012 http://www.shinhye.org/2012/10/photovideo-park-shinhye-shows-her.html she was spotted with a pair of gold zikzin ring, the one he gave to Tetsuko during the show.
        — July 2012 love rain press conference in Japan with Yoona http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/pic/item/c895d143ad4bd1135c773dc05aafa40f4afb058d.jpg
        JKS was spotted with bvlgari ring. That cost appx 15,000 USD. apparently, Park Shi Hye wore that in June/July.

        Will appreciate if we can write with facts than assumption. I dislike the fact that you wrote and making assumptions as if you know the full story, inside out among the 3 of them. After all is their life and their relationship and reputation is as stake. If is just an assumption.. write it clear that it is a fanfic so that it wont be misleading to readers..

        Thank you

      • OMO!!! Wooowww!!! Great clarifications. Cri-J and Missyleen: Thank you.
        Specific dates and accurate references to justify your information. Well done and much appreciated because i personally care about all of their reputations.
        Although I’m just a follower for news, it did create mixed feelings in me. As for both of your information I have read and seen vdo clips before. Wonderful young people. I am happy to know all these rising stars still maintain a good friendship because they are so supportive of one another. God Bless you all.

      • I read all of both, but Cri-J is just seeing one side of the situation. instead “Anonymous” is observing two sides of the situation … it is more interesting I like Anonymous’s analysis.

        honestly, I like the two girls, even one is most famous and popular than the other, but both are cute a good girls, beside Yoona has a special “aura” making Yoona looks more attractive, I think it is her personality, her diverse talents, her big success and beauty natural.

        Now, I’m going to comment on every point of Cri-J’s wrote:

        1º yes, this is true, PSH and Sukkie are friends, but also Sukkie plays and jokes with other friends as “Becky chan”, jang geun suk wrote “Becky chan” that he misses her and that when Sukkie return to Japan given her: “his autograph and his heart”…omg! (July 2012). The same happened with psh, sukkie just made ​​a joke to psh, because they are old friends. Sukkie has many friends: Sthepanhie, becky chan, psh, tiffany, jessica, hyori, park si yeon … and..actually Yoona.

        2º The famous hair band wasn’t a hair band exclusively them, that hair band is the model “M-H1” and comes in gold, silver and black, the hair band was just to market, because the actress “Park Si Yeon” is the owner of brand “mzuu” where sukkie and park Si Yeon design of hair band, also Park Si Yeon is a good friend of psh, lee hyori, Sukkie and other k-stars, And other actresses tweeted same pictures of themselves wearing the same hair band. Nothing special about that, it was just to market the model M-H1, desing original by Park Si Yeon & Sukkie. After the success of that hair band where Sukkie named “Zikzin”, Sukkie decided to design accessories for the new brand “zikzin”.

        3º That coffee in Japan is very famous for being a coffee Korean, many k-star idols as SNSD, Super Junior and other bands kpop went and left their signatures on tables and walls, SNSD did a little while before Sukkie. Concerning psh was after Sukkie, so… it is not something special, because in this case we will say that the first signatures were SNSD (Yoona and more members) and second signatures was Sukkie. and the third signing was psh … I don’t know why she recently left her signature???… she could have left her signature more before, but the case wasn’t thus, The case was SNSD (Yoona and friends) were first and later was sukkie..and…..much later was psh.

        4º I watch a bts where also Yoona called informally him, yoona said “geun chan-na” very informal and of course Sukkie calls informally to Yoona, too. Concerning psh’s tweeted, mmm… Sukkie never responded to psh’s tweeted, he never answered …. maybe in the past he would make answered faster, but at present he did not, even I know they are old friends. (really, this year, psh tries to talk and meet with him, always psh sends the first messages to Sukkie…I believe psh fell in love Sukkie, – unilateral-)

        5° I know at present psh will start her tour as an actress, obviusly other actors did same more before, and she wants to take flight. Very good for her. But I think she make her tours inspired in Sukkie, despite the fact that psh hasn’t a good curryculum professional, because she always was cualified her work with lower ratings, but she is good actress and want a tour, but psh has only 1 drama “You’re Beautiful” with which she can increase her popularity, at present I think psh tries relive those sentiments in people by her drama “you’re my beautiful” and increase her popularity, I hope psh does well and I wish all the luck on her tour.

        I want to add: in August 2011 psh and sukkie worked together to “combine codes”, right?!, I guess everyone have observed the interview, where psh is pasted to sukkie’s arm and hand, this is a key moment where psh took sukkie’s hand, but Sukkie keeps his hand cold and straight line, his fingers kept straight, he never closes or surround his hand throughout all time where psh grabbed sukkie’s hand, sukkie really puts his hand straight line and cold, while psh with her hands holds and surrounds sukkie’s hand, but he kept his hand… cold and straight.

        During the interview, psh constantly pulls Sukkie, but Sukkie does nothing. He is very gentle as a friend, but I thought “If, this’s love???, therefore this is a one-sided love, psh fell in love by Sukkie, but Sukkie did not show anything special. Currently Sukkie decided to work for codes Combine with another model called Go Joon Hee, Sukkie prefers to work with her because Goo Joon Hee is mysterious, cold and never speak of personal issues. even at the end of the promotion of codes combine in interviews – 2012, nice Goo Joon Hee asked Sukkie..for…his phone number, lol. I think Goo Joon Hee also fell in love for him. lol … Sukkie is a charming boy.

        I think psh and Sukkie are just friends, similar at: becky chan, Stephanie, tiffany, sica, Hyori, park Si yeon and at present Yoona. I just want that Sukkie is very happy with his girlfriend and…if, in the time “the year 2012” Sukkie found the love of his life in Yoona or another girl, well!!!… then I wish that sukkie will be very happy, both are human with feelings, they aren’t made of iron. I have my boyfriend and I’m very happy whit him, and it’s sad when you’re away from the person that your love, …your suffer, your feel lonely, your feel sad in many place of the world. I do not wish that Sukkie has sadnesses and pains of love, I wish that Sukkis will feel “free for LOVE” and he can be very happy … I hope Sukkie can to share his emotions, feelings and love with a special person.
        I am a fan, but I’m not jealous, or possessive or unhinged, I’m not a fan holding on only one co-star of the past, present or future.
        I want Sukkie to be happy … and If, Sukkie found the love in Yoona or any other girl, very well for him, I always support him.

      • @Jerseny I.A.

        Dear Jerseny , it looks like you didn’t understand the point behind my post. I said my post was NOT about couples. I wasn’t talking about JKS and PSH being a couple.I was only proving they are STILL as close friends as they were before. Something “Anonymous” didn’t agree with since she said their friendship “ended”.

        Forgive me for saying , you actually contradicting your own self. First you replay to my post as if I said PSH and JKS are a couple , which I didn’t do. Then you say my post is one sided completely disregarding the fact that my post was NOT about couples. It was only about correcting WRONG information posted by “Anonymous”. Then you say that you agree with “Anonymous” ( that said JKS and PSH were actually a couple but JKS cheated on her with Yoona and made her cry a lot so she decided to breakup with him and un-followed her friends on twitter because of him. If you agree with what Anonymous said , then how come you contradict that by saying JKS and PSH were never a couple and PSH’s “love” for JKS is one sided?

        So , please read carefully before you replay. I was only proving JKS and PSH are still close friends just like years ago. I don’t care about arguing couples. I don’t have the right to say he is with this girl or that girl. I might feel he’s close to one or treat her a little bet different but I will never claim the knowledge of him having a GF or not and who is she.

        I have another correction for your “Becky-chan” comment. JKS and Becky-chan are not friends. JKS has never met her. Once he was heading to a studio in a channel she works in and by chance they ride the same elevator. JKS never saw her or payed attention to her because he was surrounded by his managers. She was so excited to see him so she tweeted about it saying that she was so happy and he’s so handsome and that she stole more than 76 glances at him in the minute or so they were in the elevator. That’s why JKS tweeted her back.After tweeting her those words because he didn’t notice her in the elevator he then tweeted he was joking. That , in no way , is like JKS saying to PSH’s mother “mother in law” since that involved PSH’s mother. He never said he was joking after wards. Not that I think they are a couple. Just that their friendship is really close if he can do that through twitter.

        I can ague all the point you mentioned too , but I said I’m not arguing couples. I only posted to correct the wrong information.

        I will correct another thing in your post. PSH is the FIRST and ONLY Korean actress to have an Asia tour. Google and see the news all over the sites. No actress have done that before. And she’s following JKS’s steps just like the close friends they are.

        My end statement? I will support whoever JKS chooses as his GF or wife.Until JKS reveals who she is I expect everyone to respect him and all his friends and co-workers. It is insulting IMO to read people say ” He double dates ” . This site is for JKS and I cannot allow such comments without replay.

      • @ Cri-J , Hi Cri-J. 🙂

        >>>>> JKS AND BECKY CHAN:

        * Jang Geun Suk_tweet with Becky 120701:

        – Sukkie said: Becky-chan, “MUSIC JAPAN” at NHK (18:10~18:39) goes on air today! Don’t miss it! I miss you~~
        – Becky said: Of course! Besides, I set the timer for recording! Because… I’m appearing on it! lol. What a coincidence!
        – Sukkie said: What?? Really?? Well, I’m going to give you my autographed CD when I visit Japan next time! With my heart! ^^

        THIS IS TRUE with becky !!!….:D….then, the message with PSH is also a joke, because Jang Geun Seok might not expose to exhibit the woman thah his loves with this kind of jokes…Jang Geun seok will protect his girlfriend.

        >>>>>> HAIR BAND –> It’s nothing special, only MARKETING.

        other—> that hair band is the model “M-H1″ of brand “mzuu”, where the actress “Park Si Yeon” is the owner. She hired PSH and other actresses to market her products of brand mzuu.

        >>>>> CAFE IN JAPAN —> It’s nothing special, just a custom.

        where PSH visited and left her signature on the photo wall and a table; long time before other idols “SUPER JUNIOR & SNSD” left their signatures.

        >>>> COLAMERCATO —-> many Jang Geun Seok’s friends were supporting and visiting the restaurant, Stephanie, Heechul, Siwon, Yoona and others.



        JANG GEUN SUK for his Plans in Europe tour – 2013.
        IM YOON AH (=YOONA) for her Europe Tour and North America Tour – 2013.
        PSH for her Asia Tour – 2013

        Nice to meet You: Cri-J, Anonymous and Jerseny IA ^_^

      • I’m excited for that Sukkie and Yoona have similar tours, together 🙂 ♥.

        Sukkie: Europe Tour and USA tour. 2013. (plans USA, but not confirmed)
        YoonA : Europe Tour and USA tour. 2013.

        congratulation and many sucesfull and hits guys ♥ Europe’s waiting for both ♥

        from France.

        *sorry, now, I’m in class with my iphone and I made the mistake of not push hard the letter “A”.

      • @Mery_landkpop

        Hello dear , have you , by any chance read my post? What did you not understand from the words ” I’m not talking about couples” ?

        your post has nothing to do with my post. And it’s ” Cafe On ” not “Cafe in Japan”. The owner is JKS’s uncle.

        You don’t have to post the tweets about Becky , I already know them. He SAID he was joking. She is not his friend only an artist that tweeted him. He never even met her in person. With PSH he never said he was joking. And his tweet was for PSH’s mother ” Say Hello to mother in law ” and again , whether he was joking or not it doesn’t matter because I wasn’t saying they are couples. I was saying they are close friends.

        I never claimed JKS and PSH are couples. Please read my post carefully before you post carelessly.

        Thank you and good day!

      • @@Mery_landkpop

        One more thing. NOTHING is confirmed. Anyone can be JKS’s girlfriend. It can PSH , YOONA another artist or someone who’s not even from showbiz. JKS could be single for all we know and without a GF.

        you have no right to say what’s confirmed and what’s not till Sukkie reveals the truth 🙂

        Nice to meet you too 🙂

  30. Anonymous: thank you for a detailed explanation. Very possible and acceptable.
    I’m just a fan who loves these Korean actor/actresses and always looking for news about them. You just confirmed what i had thought happened between them. Love the way you have described each of their personalities. I fully agree. They do look happy now and i wish them all the best.

  31. I think it was not right about the news “in my dream” was written for Yoona or inspired by her, because for me the song came from his tough experiences in his life and his determination to reach his dream. Beside that, every time I hear the song I also feel his loneliness, so it feels he really felt lonely that time.

    • I agree with you. For me the song ” In My Dream” describes his 20 years of struggles, aspirations. And has nothing to do with his love life. And for me if the song ” Stay ” is the past relationship, I would likely to believe that was for the girl whom he dated for 5 years. I read an old article where he expressed how he was deeply hurt because the relationship did not work.

    • Kkkk… Then Sukkie would be laughing in too much amusement and would say: ” Ah all of you are so jealous, you are reacting more than my girlfriend, mother and managers. EELS and nonEELS alike, I will swear to high heavens never to let you know who the girl I’m dating right now. You will never see a single photo of her kkkk.”

    • kkkk…I agree with you. We do mot know if the real girlfriend knows the different fan blog of Sukkie. And she is also trying to find out the acceptance level of the different fans’ groups. And reading all these kinds of presumptions, theories, comments & reactions, she is also very much amused of how peeps are talking about who is gonna be the real girl in Sukkie’s hahahaahah.

    • Eun Neul, nee Eun Neul Kurt ( coz you declare to the world that BB is yours kkkk)…the comments from this post are getting funnier everyday and help me to keep awake for many hours. And Sis Sarah, I can’t help but laughed very loud when I opened the link that you gave OMG bwahahaahahah…So the ONE & ONLY SPECIAL GIRL who gives him the inspiration in composing the song ” In My Dream” is the the girl in his life whose initial is S.M.?( Not SM Entertainment of course hahahahh)

  32. In regards to my reply about “In my dreams”, it seems my memory is still functioning well.
    It was on this blog, i read a FA on Cri Show 2 where JKS spoke about this song before singing and encouraged eels to follow their dreams, too. There are translations of many songs on this blog and “In my dreams” is like an inspiration song. I like “Always close to you” and i felt JKS had something in mind while writing this song. I remember requesting Tenshi, when convenient if the lyrics could be translated. My wish was granted and the english lyrics flows with the music so well. I sing and dance to it everyday. Bottom line, this is one of the reasons World Prince JKS is so loved for making others share his joy and sadness through showing sincere feelings and always truthful. God Bless him.

  33. you guys who claim that he did’t write the song for yoona but for the eels; case you didn’t notice he said it by him self that he wrote it for her ; he him self said that or can’t you read..

    • @RANDA he never said it himself in public , only the article said he did. But we are still waiting for Tree-J or JKS to confirm. A lot of news turned out to be fake before. JKS talked about this song in his Cri-show a couple of times and he said it’s a song about dreams. It’s not a love song. He said he inspired it from his own life and struggles and gifted it to eels because he wished that each one of us will have their own big dream that we will work hard for.

      We are just waiting for JKS to confirm. If he does confirm then the news is correct.

    • LOL!! Karen believe it or not I just read some few comments because I saw ur name, and yeah’ kinda funny but who knows? Because of this, those sites who used or still writing bad articles about our Prince can’t hide the fact that JKS indeed is a HOT ITEM!! Hoorayyy to that!!

  34. Hate to burst your bubble Randa, but just because there is an article about this song being written for Yoona doesn’t make it true. That’s almost as absurd as saying that everything on the internet is true. Not all journalists verify that their information is factual, accurate, and true. I am not saying that it isn’t true, but that this article proves nothing.

    • I agree. Unless its really coming from Sukkie’s mouth during an interview saying that the song was composed with Yoona in his mind as the one giving the inspiration, then that’s it. As of this time all theories about this song is written for Yoona remains a fanfic.

  35. @Cri-J: thank goodness for your clarifications, again. Alleluia!
    It is so hurtful to see a woman trying to belittle another.
    To: Jerseny l.A.— Although you seem to exercise your rights of opinion in full swing, readers would appreciate the facts. These are beautiful young people. Not boy and girls but a young man and young women. In your opinion one maybe more attractive than the other. One maybe in a one sided love, to you. How sure are you??? Besides this being off topic, you are affecting one’s self esteem by stating a young woman is clinging on to a cold and straight hand of a friend. You stated they are just friends and so they are… Why bother analyzing only on one friend so harshly? Gosh! you do have a way of wishing someone good luck after a good lashing. I’m glad you are happy with your boyfriend and so would everyone else, too. Hope you can take a read once again at your analysis and get the feel of how it goes across to the reader. No hard feelings but just sad to read such harsh opinions about these beautiful young people, whose entertainment we enjoy and love reading news about them. God Bless, Peace and Goodwill.


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