[16.11.2012] CaffeBene twitter

Finally Keun-chan appeared! You know today CaffeBene model, Jang Keun Suk’s autograph session is held? Despite of the cold weather, there are a lot of fans crowded outside the shop! It’s our Keun-chan eating Bene waffles with gusto!
드디어 등장한 근짱! 오늘 카페베네 모델 장근석 님의 사인회인거 아시죠? 추운 날씨에도 많은 팬들로 매장 밖은 북적북적! 베네 와플을 맛있게 먹어보는 우리의 근짱입니다!

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  1. Hello my dear Mr jang geun suk.now is oo:08 PM in iran.i ,v been searching you alot for 4 months.i wish the best thing with you and your dear family .these days are coid .PLS take care your self .i wish one day see you and your Mom as soon as posible.you song :can you hear me?:did you remmber? when imissed you aiot ihear it .take care your self please my dear**Tahere from Iran tehran 2012-11-18


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