[04.11.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Eels who came and see Prince on a cold day~ please be careful when you go home! Thank you always ^^
추운날 프린스보러 오신 우나기분들~ 조심히 돌아가세요! 항상 감사합니다^^

Prince’s effect on weather seems to disappear. Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day, instead today is cloudy and windy.
프린스 날씨 효과는 사라진듯, 어제는 날씨가 디게 좋고, 오늘은 흐리고 바람 으이

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      • …yeah thanks sis..thanks to your nieces as well..but there is another call for voting the most popular korean drama actor…please also vote..last time i checked it jks is winning over li min ho..(i check later) ..btw..how are you sis? ..it seems you are quite busy lately..

    • I went to our province for a week… somewhere where there is no internet. Yup I saw this other call for voting the most popular actor… I checked this morning and Sukkie is a little bit ahead than LMH. Hopefully many would continue to vote for our Prince. Don’t worry my 3 nieces will continue to vote for him. My two nieces also ask their classmates to vote for Sukkie. I learned yesterday there were about 20 classmates of them who help to vote.

      • .. ha ha thanks Daryl Lade, oh what a way to promote our Prince…Let’s just keep on voting…at press time Li Min Ho is leading…

        …Fellow EELS HELP!

  1. It seems the weather is like him…so quiet but also so sad…i really misses his funny face and laughter sometimes…in days like these it’s so hard to concentrate at school without seeing his news T_T But i’m still here keep hoping his funny faces returns…jks FIGHTING!!!! take your time we are all here ^^

    • Hi! I watched the documentary video last night. One of the things he mentioned about himself is his habit of always thinking and analyzing anything. With the many things that occupied his mind right now, I’m sure he needed a space to think…so he needs this time for himself alone.


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