[02.11.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

The same place, different feeling
같은 장소, 다른 느낌

TGIF(Thank God, it’s Friday!) Shooting. I’m always specialized for shining photos.
불금날 촬영 언제나 난 빛사진 전문

Artistic photos only good people can see
예술사진 착한이들에게만 보인다

Today Suni is also taken photos.
오늘 순이도 촬영

Prince, where are you?
프린스는 어디?

Because of managers’ protection, it’s hard to shoot. That’s why the photo I took was like that. kk
맨져군단들의 보호로 찍기 힘들어서 그런 사진임요 ㅋㅋ

Brother and sister after photo shooting. Both of you, thanks for your good job~
촬영 끝난후 남매, 둘다 수고했어요~

14 thoughts on “[02.11.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

    • hi sukasukie..
      may be he was checking his girlfriend or EELS…???, i really enthusiasm to hear that he is on dating now….

      anyway where do you come from sukasukkie? in indonesia suka means love, so sukasukkie means love sukkie, or do you come from indonesia?


      • hi lily…

        no..im not Indonesian.im Malaysian 🙂 Yes..we got several similar words like “suka”.in malay, “suka” means “like”..i thought “suka” also means “like” in your language.well..maybe im wrong..kkk..but i like sukkie..and you know what? “suki” means “like” too in Japanese and coincidentally..”suki”is the Japanese word which suk like the most 🙂 so..that’s how i got my nick.

        suk really dating? actually..idk about that.it just my heart telling me so cause suk seems like not himself now…maybe he’s on something..who knows..

  1. ahhh… I see bahasa melayu, yes you are right, suka means like or love. You have choose a nice nickname…

    I really hope he has a dating… 🙂

    what do you think of him now? don’t get so worried my sis, i think he only needs more relaxation after his tour…

    • Hugs to Suni from your cousin Rosey (I’m a girl too, a black cocker spaniel) and I live in Boca Raton, Forida with my Mom, Susann. Let’s be friends.

  2. hi chamaz…
    jksforever blog makes EELS all over the world connected…
    I’m glad found you as eel from the same country in this blog and of course with the same hope, lets bring our prince come to Jakarta..!

    Salam zikzin .!!!


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