JKS section at HMV Shinjuku

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HMV in Shinjuku, Japan has one whole shelf area dedicated to Jang Keun Suk – a feast for the eyes and a hole in the pocket!
I want to buy all those stuff!!

2011.02.15 新宿HMV內的張根碩專屬區

5 thoughts on “JKS section at HMV Shinjuku”

  1. A BIG HOLE in the pocket lol

    I want Baby & me!

    On the last shelf next to the light blue YAB dvd pack there’s a cd, on the cover there’s a girl kissing him on the cheek; I have no idea what it is… ANybody knows?

  2. Ahh so happy! Finally can get through to your website. Felt so lost and disconnected when I couldn’t follow your blog 🙂

    All I can say is… I wish I lived in Japan :p

    • I’m having lots of difficulty accessing my own blog (i discovered I cannot live without it), so i have to move my blog to another (paid) server real soon ….


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