Zegda commercial

Credits: Zegda @ Sina

Ok, let me see…. the 229 yen sports shoes look nice with a touch of pink (doesn’t the N logo look like New Balance logo?). The 49 yen portable mini speakers look cute, provided that they do have solid speaker sound.

Hmm, Zegda is a Chinese brand, so it’s strange why all the prices are in Japanese yen. I couldn’t find any online order form on their website.

5 thoughts on “Zegda commercial”

  1. Actually, that’s not Japanese yen but “yuan”. Quoting from Wikipedia: The yuan (sign: ¥; Chinese: 元) is, in the Chinese language, the base unit of a number of modern Chinese currencies.

  2. @Rongling and JL are right, it is the YUAN sign, I understand why it is so cheap I was like wtf a cheap japanese brand I gotta see this 😉

    And I thought these shoes were New Balance too!

    I love the bag…


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