[26.10.2012] Weibo – Shenzhen Cri Show Site, Gifts from Eels

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@任_L weibo
#JangKeunSuk# Oct 27 Shenzhen Cri Show’s stage setting has finished. Now we are testing.


@张根硕贴吧官方微博 Sukbar weibo
This is the gift to Jang Keun Suk from Sukbar for his Shenzhen Cri Show. From early this year, we have collected 3 lines love letters from eels. Here we chose 50 of them and made them into postcards. The photos on the postcards has recorded 20 years of his growing path. Eels’ love grows with him. We hope this special gift will motivate him to do great on his future journey. Also wish Shenzhen Cri Show is a big success.

@張根碩國度香港後援會 Suknation HK
“Photos here” We are so happy, the masks, mustaches that Prince and staff were wearing, are some of the Halloween toys we gave him as gift to show our support. Thanks Jang Keun Suk for posting pictures. You all look great. @JangKeunSuk @Jasonjang “Enjoy your funny party!”
【圖片】太開心!!!!!! 剛剛王子在跟Staffs 們玩的假鬍子,面具,Halloween 頭飾等是我們送上的應援禮物箱內的部分玩具。感謝#张根硕#送給我們的認證照。大家都很帥!!! (CR: 原圖來自张根硕 微博)@张根硕 @JasonJang “Enjoy your funny party!”

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  1. The stage look magnificent even I already saw it a few times already I still feel mesmerizing by it. LOL!! Jason look like a funny instead of a fierce bandits……hahaha and Prince can be bandits of the hearts (eels’s heart), 😀


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