15 thoughts on “[26.10.2012] Jason Jang’s Weibo”

  1. …ah really this man-kid lol! anyway this is the Prince that we know… i noticed the gifts from fans behind him…..
    thanks Tenshi for sharing….

    • LOL!! Farina! Yes, I was dressed for it until the rain that he brought to Shenzhen washed it off!! lol!!! He didn’t even need to shoot me but according to your imagination, he totally did!!! lol!

      I definitely have to prepare the white bikini tops for all of us at ECI (excluding bro, of course)for when we ALL go to his CriShow together!!! …and make sure our seats are front row!!

      • Farina, painted-on bikinis are good for Cri-shows and for when Sukkie is holding a water gun so I’ll wear those only then. Nevertheless, I am always, ALWAYS, dressed for IT!!!

        So, yes, Farina!! You should definitely be dressed for IT!!! Always! 365 days a year! LOL!!

      • LOL! Cutegirl! If I try a waterproof one, it will lose all the fun!
        The point if for JKS to wash the paint off with the water gun! LOL!! 😉

      • Awww….you know…. maybe i should say (un)dressed for IT?? Kaori-chan, they made me say it….. -_-

  2. our prince is really such a playful guy…he never fails to entertain us…jyo…but i cannot help to noticed,he’s eyes look swollen specially the left eye..i think he did not get enough sleep…please take care prince…zikzin..


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