[pics] BTS Shots from Jinwutang CF Shooting -weibo 20121024

credit: 劲舞堂 / CDTV-2星乐汇 weibo

Eels, we will bring your prince over.
The third stop (shooting CF) was satisfactorily done! Keun Suk was feeling great in front of camera!!!



Early on due to confidential matters, until now we give you a exclusive shot. Will wait for you (Keun Suk) at home (China).

11 thoughts on “[pics] BTS Shots from Jinwutang CF Shooting -weibo 20121024”

  1. “Keun Suk was feeling great in front of camera!!!” — this sentence means so much to us.. is nice to know he is doing fine and feeling great in days that he is in silence..

  2. heard a lot about my PRINCE,today is really a great day,so happy 🙂
    i’m relieved that he’s back on track..
    he is known as a hardworker really pushing himself to the limit and it bothers me,i just hope he will still take rest from time to time..

    thanks for sharing this exclusive shots !

  3. he cant stay away from his iphone but still no tweet from him? i bet he has a girl..dont u think so? suk ah..cant u share with us? we promise we never be kabayaki..kkk..

  4. Nice to here that news..i also thinking that he has a girlfriend already..it’s ok for me 🙂 we know he needs inspirations from someone special to him 🙂 go go our Prince!!!we love you as always!!!!


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