[Pic] Jason Jang’s weibo 2012-10-24

Credit: Jason Jang Weibo

Shot “Jinwutang”‘s CF, Will arrive in Shenzhen on Oct 26 Friday. Eels, see you on Saturday’s Cri Show! Jo!!!

Editor’s note: Jinwutang is a Chinese webgame company. They have signed Jang Keun Suk as spokesperson for their company. It was talked but no official confirmed yet that Jang Keun Suk will be in Chengdu on Oct 29 to some event related to this.

9 thoughts on “[Pic] Jason Jang’s weibo 2012-10-24”

  1. Manager Jang……bali bali bring prince over sz!! Oppa, we can’t wait to see you since you had no news for a while!!!
    Sis Sarah , yes, can’t wait for him to appear in airport and wonder what kind of outfits he going to wear. I’m sure chinese eels are well ready to warm welcome him!!

  2. ..ah at last one of his people (manager jason) has broken the deafening silence …will that mean we will hear from the MAN HIMSELF soon? hope so….
    thanks for sharing Sarah sis…

  3. at least now we know what our PRINCE’s been up to..i’ll be expecting to hear from him soon !
    so another commercial…it’s good to know that a lot of companies believe in sukkie’s power to endorse…he is a proven effective endorser !

    thanks sarah for sharing !

  4. I’m already in Shenzhen. But Facebook and Tweetter are blocked in China ( So I can’t get any information about JKS arrival (


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