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English Translation: sukkiesfanncusa

“Singer Jang Keun Suk” dances freely on stage. “Actor Jang Keun Suk” nourishing people’s heart. A self questioned and answered interview by the “two” Jang Keun Suk. So what singer JKS would ask to Actor JKS? Vise versa how actor JKS will reveal his heart to singer JKS.
Here is actor Jang Keun Suk part.

Q1: What promotes you when you’re acting?
A: Every work is about the same, first I need to think of the role I will play. If I can’t make sure what kind of emotion and acts I play for this role. I won’t stand in front of camera. In this case to project my role is the most important part to promote me. Of course, how the story develop is also important. If the role is a tree, then the story (plot) is the forest. If there is no good draft for the whole plot, there will be no perfect role. Another thing is the trustful relationship with the team at the work. And this can be as important as the role. Normally one drama needs shortest 3 to 4 months, longer as about 8 months. If there is no trust between the team I work with, there will be no good work comes out.

Q2: If we add a qualifier word in front of “actor Jang Keun Suk”, what kind of actor you would like to be?
A: An inestimable actor Jang Keun Suk, or an unpredictable actor Jang Keun Suk. Even I have played many different roles, earned love and respect, but the comment which makes me the happiest is that I was said my acting is unpredictable and I have a wide range of transformation. I feel so happy with this kind of critics. Of course I know I’m good at acting (laugh), but is different between I say it myself than I was recognized by others. So, there are lots of words you can add on, me… how I play the role that no one can predicate. I want to be an actor like that.

Q3: What can really motivate actor Jang Keun Suk?
A: Actors use sensibility to act; in this case, I don’t know when I want to act. I am doing the things I like, I don’t need a special motivation. For me, I’m a person that I feel like to act even during daily life. For example, recently, one day I was shooting a CF, the photographer aked me to express some sort of feeling, I did it as requested. Suddenly I got excited, I was thinking: I’m an actor! Then I am going crazy want to act. Sometimes I can get so enthusiasms, just because of a little tiny thing then think about acting. So I think in daily life I am an actor too.

Q4: During acting do you have the moment that you feel shameful? When?
A: When the actor lives in the role, is like the role character is just you, but if there is a moment that involved “Jang Keun Suk” himself. Such as “Jang Keun Suk”’s habit comes out, I will feel frustrated and shameful. When I see myself at that moment, I know my acting is only on the surface, I can’t forgive myself. I will scold myself to make myself on alert, I will continue to try to make improvement. This is my secret.

Q5: What would be the crisis for actor Jang Keun Suk?
A: The trust was broken with people I work with. When the person you trusted goes to the other side, this is the painful moment and this causes you lose concentration put you at risk.

Q6: What is the easiest feeling to express and which the most difficult, happy, angry, sad?
A: Every feeling is difficult, no matter what, at any circumstances, actor plays an emotion, This needs to be identical with the feeling inside you. That’s not an easy progress. When you watch a movie, if you see the actor’s real character of himself from the role he plays, then both the actor and audience are lost the game. So, happy, angry, sad there is no feeling that is easy to act.

Q7: In front of the camera, do you have any habit?
A: I heard there is people who loves (listenng to) music also there is people who had script in hand till the last minute, for me, I close my eyes, use 10 seconds to depict the role, then I will act the character out. One sentence: I’m a natural actor.

Q8: What help your acting in the daily life?
A: I’m a totally digital era, camera, email, cellphone, and internet. These are all fertilizers to my acting. For example, on twitter, when something happen, there are thousands people will tweet their thoughts and feedbacks, read those tweets, just make me realize that people are so different in many ways. So, the digital things and internet are very important to me. I can use my acting to express so many different thoughts. An actor’s job is to live in other people’s life. To live in other people’s life, you can’t ignore any little things in your daily life.

Q9: Which is the work even is not the best work in your life yet, but has very special meaning to you?
A: “Huang Jin Yi” the one who made Jang Keun Suk become an adult actor from a child star. And “You’re Beautiful/” which made me exceeded Korea, let the world know an actor named “Jang Keun Suk”. Every work is important, but there are some works I had regret and pain from it. These two works by some meaning are the good memories. Both I was very happy during shooting and also the works got highly praised and earned many love. To me these are the works of my fate.

Q10: The work which can see a growing Jang Keun Suk?
A: “Nonstop” time, I was still a kid (laugh). Even with the young age I can be forgiven, but what I was thinking? The next was “Huang Jin Yi “, I was trying to be an adult, so I did my best. In “You’re Beautiful” first time I was the oldest leading actor. So I was the captain, to lead and motivate the younger ones. I also thought of the seniors who took care of me. My last drama was “Love Rain”, this one has some painful memory, because it was a work that I was fighting with myself alone. It was very difficult and tiring, but afterwards I thought about it, this drama made me matured.

Q11: If you win award from both movie festival and music daesang (prize), the ceremonies are at the same time, which one you will choose to go?
A: No doubt, movie festival. After all, I’m an actor; I will be an actor as always. This doesn’t mean to give up music. To me as an actor: I will have works left after I die, this is very meaningful to me.

Q12: Through acting, what information and feeling Jang Keun Suk would like to convey?
A: I always don’t want to carry a heavy heart in front of camera. Because in that case, what you have are only motivation and reason for existence but no fact. I want myself to be an empty cell, just slide into the camera, but I will not lose my real heart and also the fact, I have to convey these out.

Q13: When you feel “my life is in action”?
A: When I look at myself in the mirror, I often hint myself: “Your acting is the best. You’re the best!” There are times I do feel this is acting actually. So at that moment I am thinking: I’m acting even I’m not in front of camera”. This is the moment that I feel my life is in action.

Q14: Script, PD, self satisfaction, which one is in your priority when you choose work?
A: Because acting is a comprehensive art, you can’t say which one is not important. Different actor also makes different choice. In my opinion the script and story is most important. Like sometimes from the first line I read I have the instinct feeling, I feel I would like to do this work. The other factors I will research later.

Q15: Are you a natural actor? a hard work actor? or a life form actor?
A: I think I’m all 3 of them. I’m a natural actor who does acting; I will work hard when I’m not satisfied with myself. Actor is my career title. I’m also a life form actor. You can’t just put in one frame. I’m all of them.

Q16: To Jang Keun Suk, “actor Jang Keun Suk” is…?
A: An endless war between the truths and lies; I use balance to measure myself on right or wrong. The result, I think “actor” to me is a mission, to leave good works as an actor is my mission.

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  1. Thank you Sis Sarah ,I love to read every single word of him in every interviews .He is a truly lovely boy and more than mature in his age 25.Sekf confidence .self analysis .listening from
    Others everything make him to be actor Jang Keun Suk .Another interview and precious words those we should learn some from
    Him and bring us to be more closer to him again .Tks Unni.

  2. thanks for sharing…
    everyday i learn something about my PRINCE…thank you so much !

    Actor Jang Keun Suk is the best actor for me,
    his expressive eyes alone can convey the particular emotion needed in a scene and he’s so natural in front of the camera that no one would think he is acting,anyone watching him will be mesmerized and absorbed in the character he is playing..i have watched his dramas and movies many many times and still want to see it more,that’s his charm..he is so good in acting you will never get tired watching him.
    i hope he’ll come out with a drama or movie soon 🙂

  3. I really love all his interview. The way he answer all his interview (including this) are full of wise words and deep meaning. He’s so passionate about acting and you can feel this in the interview. When he said he’s a good actor he is very confidence, this is not because he’s boosting but it is a common knowledge that came from testimonies from well known PD and critics regarding his acting. I love his as an actor and at the same time I love his as a singer too.

  4. Million thanks sis Sarah!! Again, to translate all these really not easy!
    We all love to read his interview and the way he answer, there is “wow” effect each and every time of his interview!! I super love one of his answer “im a natural actor”! Indeed you are my prince!!!

  5. ‘Prince, you are born to be an actor ..someday prestigious award giving bodies will recognize your acting ability..God bless you dear Prince.’
    …I like his answer on question 8 because part of his acting life are thoughts and feed backs from other people ( of course that include the eels-us) through tweets and other internet stuff that help him expresses different thoughts..-WOW that is so sweet of you dear Prince to consider our thoughts too…

    ..thanks sis Sarah for sharing, God bless you.

  6. He is a natural actor,i am his natural eel,i love his smart answers,always have a right answer to all the question.When I read his interviews I feel like he is another JkS,so I love diferents persons in one,the actor,the singer,the model and the mix boy/man in his personal life.Thanks Sukkiefanncusa .

  7. Hi said :-
    My last drama was “Love Rain”, this one has some painful memory, because it was a work that I was fighting with myself alone. It was very difficult and tiring, but afterwards I thought about it, this drama made me matured.

    Does he means that he is acting alone? or he is struggling to complete the Drama because of his CRI2 show that he cannot cope. Poor thing !
    Rest now and prepare for a better year ahead. Hope year 2013 is a good and happy year for him

  8. Love Rain is one drama wherein he put in all his efforts and energy in his acting notwithstanding his heart into it. He even promoted the drama. It was painful because we all know that it did not rate well in Korea. But really I love this drama. All its actors were superb in their acting and of course Sukkie really acts very well to the point that you can see the characters he portrayed. Anyway though in our hearts no matter what Sukkie is the best — as an actor, as a singer,etc, etc,etc.

    • Farina, same here… I love his acting but I didn’t know that his voice in singing is such a super bonus that can melt the heart as well as special as he can sing very high as well as sexy low like Abracadabra..

  9. A very interesting self interview which brings out the intelectual side of JKS.
    Readers can feel the very sincere answers. Being someone who watches JKS drama/movies again and again, i agree to the three dramas he chose to expess the effects on him. He’s Beautiful has become a classic and i hope younger generations will take the opportunity to see how actors put in their efforts to present a great entertaining drama.
    In my opinion, Love Rain could have been a classic to remember. But it seems that JKS was the only actor that got to show many sides of him. Between the two roles, the senior expressed a simple and innocent love ( just like it was in the 1970’s ) since those were my days I’m commenting based on my experience. Acting was carried out well with just the right amount of emotions. The junior role being in 2012 showed a cocktail of different sides depending on the role. Arrogance, profession, emotions towards parents and most of all expressing his experience of love. JKS carried his part well. Many friends i spoke to had the same views so i assume my evaluation was pretty accurate. The rest of the cast had a very basic role expressing light emotions of sadness and joy whereas Hana’s mom and Jun’s father did a good job in their senior roles. To me, because of JKS Love Rain bacame a hot drama. Thank you to the translator for a well worth reading interview, as always.

  10. Thank you so much for the translation of this interview.
    Its sad to hear from Sukkie that Love Rain brought painful memories to him…. is it because it was during the shooting of LR that he suffered depression???

    Anyhow, LoveRain is my number 1 bias right now as it is this drama that I could see the transformation of Sukkie from a young adult (eg, YAB) to a mature man who had to undergo so many emotional rollacoaster(Seo Jun). I love his wide range of acting abilities in Love Rain so much that I have watched this drama to death ( when I missed him, I watch LR).

  11. as an actor, i like him bcoz he’s natural and no need to mention versatile too:)

    i believe starting as a child actor gave him this advantage.watching him on screen seems like watching him face to face..we can easily absorb in the situation and carried away by him.to me, being natural is something basic for an actor to make the acting look real but beside being natural,his expression what make him an attractive one.

    what make me never bored with him is his capability to take any role .so far, his role make me think he’s different man.after i finish his drama, i can say i miss eun ho, chang wi,gun woo,tae kyung or mu gyul, i cant help but to watch his drama again and again.

    but at the end of the day i miss jang keun suk so much. its his personality that make me hooked..and i end up watching his videos again and again.

    suk as an actor or as a man, i see him as the most attractive person i ever known.
    -the end-

  12. Sukkie as an actor always attracts me. But JKS with so much wisdom beyond his age made me so proud and thank him that I am one of his eels. YAB was the drama I discovered him, and got addicted of his acting, Hwang Jin Hi made me realized his great potential at a very young age, but Love Rain, his work I considered his best…but what an irony this was the time he suffered all the pains. No wonder as if one can feel the wounded soul of young In Ha and Joon.

  13. Hello Eels…I’m a VIP. (fan of Big Bang).
    According the PROFFESIONALS CRITICS OF DRAMA IN ASIA, they congratulated the good performance of the actors (Jang Geun suk, Yoona, Seo Ing guk and other more) and recognized the impeccable professionalism of the director Yoonsuk and the staff, also emphasized the harmony and chemistry that lived inside set of recordings of the drama, but …there was only one negative opinion about drama and was the “story of the drama”, as critics observed that the story was not good, they suggested that the writer need to improve the work and the creativity (The CRITICS found that failure of the poor ratings for this drama in korea was due to the “history of the drama” made by the writer).
    I hope my comment to clarify the reasons for low ratings in Korea (only in Korea, because elsewhere in the world …this drama “Love Rain” has had very good ratings, in Japan and China has positioned itself in the first places of rating) …. And please, everyone needs to know that “Love Rain” had a team of first class.
    and congratulate ….Seo In Guk won the Rookie Actor Award for the drama Love Rain at “ Korea Drama Awards 2012”…congratulation for him….
    Something that also mentioned the critics of dramas is that JGS is one the best actors and has an experience of more than 10 years (for me too …JGS is one of the best actors in Asia), and the critics mentioned that …JGS showed more maturity at his role in “Love Rain” so much his performance was so magnificent and amazing, he really has improved wonderfully, JGS’s performance has grown and matured exponentially so much that the critics applauded and congratulated him, after these good critics, JGS’s office started coming many proposals for new projects in roles of dramas.
    and other detail is that Yoona also left to the Critics shocked by her good performance ((for me too …Yoona is one of the best actress-idol in Asia) despite being ceased acting for 2 long years and also this is her third drama (she has less experience in dramas), so for dramas this kind of double roles requires a minimum of 10 years experience, but Yoona showed great acting skills and the critics emphasize that Yoona was shown to be a big actress, the critics were surprised because Yoona did focused perfectly each role and character and despite has less experience in acting and to be with an agenda so recharged with international tours, commercials, modeling, interviews and events with other companies during those days of filming the drama “love rain”, she maintained an impeccable and good work in the performance in Love Rain ( Yoona always is known as the idol with the more recharged agenda, so it is difficult to has a date with her … the company SM keep Yoona working 21 or 22 hours for day).the critics were more impressed her force, sacrifice, discipline and good professionalism in acting. ()…
    Regarding the actor Seo In Guk showed great aptitude for acting, and was in “Love Rain” where showed a big talent in acting, Seo In Guk is a new star in acting and his work is very good.
    In conclusion the critics of drama were surprised and excited by the good and extraordinary performance of the main and secondary actors as “JGS, Yoona and Seo In guk” in “Love Rain”, they emphasized their good performances of each one in their different roles in the drama.
    Sorry for writing so much, but I wanted you to know a little more about “Love Rain” and the positive image that the critics have of each member of this respected drama.

    Thanks Eels for letting me comment.

    Att. Sergio.

    From Spain.

    Pd:… Since I saw this big project “Love Rain”,.now, I’m a big fan of “Love Rain”.

    • Sergio,

      Woww….First of all, thank you so much for visiting JKS’s FanClub Website. I like your positive critics or views about “LOVE Rain” and its casts.

      We, eels, are very biased, so we would love “LOVE Rain” no matter what… Loving it despite the LOW rating and somewhat repetitive story lines, but to heard from the outsider looking in….giving a constructive views…yeahhooo…it’s soooo refreshing GREAT. Jyo~Zikzin!!!!

    • Thanks sergio for the info.i never heard about this.i agree with the drama lack of creativity.if i have to criticize a singer..the singing is just flat and make me bored.its true..coz when i watch love rain for second time..i cant help myself to skip many part which not include suk in it(just my opinion).luckily, love rain still have some interesting plot and beautiful cinematography plus suk and yoona as the lead that make love rain more popular outside korea.i like seo in guk acting too..but not yoona.idk why? her acting style didnt catch my attention.

      i dont think korean dont like love rain story..i just think that korean dont like suk since all his drama which he as the lead actor got poor rating in korea.well..dont ask me why..coz im not korean.i love suk and what impress me more is i can see his acting improve each time he take a new project.that’s means he always learn and not just rely on his talent/look/experience.i really hope he’ll choose the best project next year whether a drama or a movie..i’ll wait here patiently(not really..kkk..)

      sergio..by any chance..?are u an eel now?

  14. nice comment from Sergio…me too love L.R. (Love Rain), I think Love Rain was an epic and memorable drama, also , all actors did a good performance and job. for my is the best k-drama.
    nice too meet You, Sergio.

    today, I want to say and write:

    I found a relationship in two questions: P4 and P10….

    In Question 4, Jang Keun Suk confesses his secret, he says: “… but if there is a moment That involved” Jang Keun Suk “himself, As habit” Jang Keun Suk “‘s out, I feel frustrated and shameful ….. When I see myself in that moment …. I can’t forgive myself. I scold myself do on alert …. “(My comment: “he scolds himself, that is, there is a fighting with himself) …. and … then …..
    In question 10, he says: “… My last drama was” Love Rain “, it is a painful memory, because it was a job I was fighting with myself alone. was very hard and tiring, but then I thought about it, this drama made me mature. “(My observation: “He mentions a fight with himself, I think Jang Keun Suk’s actor was trying that “Jang Keun Suk” himself isn’t involved, but there were a lot moments when “ Jang Keun Suk” himself participated, that’s where begins “the fighting with himself” … because when you involved your real emotions (yourself) you can live those happy moments but then when you return to reality you will feel a lot of pain, because everything was a fiction … but ..for some reasons the strongest pain makes you mature.).
    When Jang Keun Suk said goodbye to the drama he said: “ I’m going to suffer of THE WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME for a long time”.

    * Explanation of the abstinence syndrome:
    According to the theory proposed by doctors Donald F. Klein and Michael Lebowitz Psychiatric Institute in New York, who suggested that the brain of a person in love contained large quantities of phenylethylamine, they explained that the “withdrawal syndrome” is a mental depression caused by a broken heart and begin to feel much pain by this situation (because … your love is unrequited) … a recommendation for relieving the pain of love unrequited is to eat “chocolate” and to do much physical sport … because chocolate and sport are inhibitor of in love.
    Now, remember, Jang Keun suk consumed chocolate in the airport … and many named him “choco prince” … remember that Jang Keun suk after said goodbye to “Love Rain” started doing a lot of sport … and the 25th and 26th July played tennis for a lot hours very much than usual … Jang Keun Suk knows that need for inhibit withdrawal syndrome).
    BUT, today, Jang Keun Suk is courting and winning her heart (secret girl), …because, few days after Jang Keun suk went up a pic on his twitter which says “zikzin coffee.” …She left a message to Jang Keun suk, … She recommended two songs: “coffee boy – smile” and “rossypp – falling in love” … both songs speak coffee and love.
    Now …. …. Jang Keun suk is attentive to his iPhone…he is in love with her…and ..now…she is beginning to fall in love with Jang Keun Suk.
    Asia prince Jang Keun Suk is so romantic …always he was so romantic…but..today he’s a mature romantic man.. I love his side “ romantic mature man”
    We love Asia Prince Jang Keun suk .
    Sorry sorry sorry… for … my comment so long .…really… I love this man.
    really…. ….I love Jang Keun Suk, by his intelligence, heart and talent, and for his honesty in every word.

    thanks for U website….zikzin… jyo~~~!!!!

    • hi there! i’m basically reading all the articles and comments on this blog everyday.. but it’s my first time to leave a comment.. i’m just curious about the “secret girl” you mentioned.. who is she?? could it really be true that he have fallen for Yoona?? hee!! ^_^


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