[Fan-made] Jang Keun Suk made by 450 JKS pics

Credits: Yetty Dharmayanti
Another splendid artist from ECI! She made this picture with 450pics!!!! The original file size sums up 290MB, so she couldn’t share the one. But it must be a real maestro’s paint if it is printed on a canvas.

You can download bigger one, but sorry… not the original size…
JKS by 450 JKS pics

27 thoughts on “[Fan-made] Jang Keun Suk made by 450 JKS pics”

  1. We ECI are so happy to have such talented eels like you. Your love is full of this work. I really really want to print out it as the canvas size and give it to him as a 20th anniversary gift. Thanks, Yetty ๐Ÿ™‚

    • agree to tenshi, this would be a wonderful gift for sukkie! imagine this size attach to his room, in his office’ wall.
      28 mb is not a big size, if you could upload it to mediafire. please upload it, yetty ^^

    • ECI is indeed a home of talented persons who dedicate their talent to our PRINCE JKS !

      i really admire this amazing work of art…keep it up !
      that idea of yours is great tenshi…if only i could help..
      thanks for sharing!

    • Superb great creation sis Yetty and this piece of master art really attract our attention and we love it so much !!

      Thanks for sharing here sis Tenshi.

      Sis Tenshi & Yetty , we may input all eci sisters pic and create one for prince ?

  2. Yetty, do you take personal requests? But I dont hv 450 pictures … how?? Lol!!

    Seriously though, it’s really a gorgeous piece of art! Kaori-chan, I hope you can print it and send it to Sukkie ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. woow…
    it because she really loves sukkie and she shows as a loyal fan..! She collected all his pictures no matter the sukkie’s picture style. Good job Yetty…!

  4. This picture collage is simply amazing! As far as I know, the only one of its kind in existence. So priceless!!

    Yetty is truly a very talented artist!!

  5. …it seems that talented ECI members were being discovered here Wow great work Yetti..God bless you… I hope that the Prince will also see this…and be proud that he has such many talented, artistic, poetic, etc.. lovable fans. JKS, you are blessed to have them…

  6. Great work! You’re so talented, Yetty.. Thanks Tenshi for sharing and if possible , sending it to JKS.. This could be a priceless gift to him..:)

  7. I’ve never seen anything so unique like this before. You’re truly talented, Yetty! I feel as though prince is looking at all of us here ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Well Yetty i wrote a comment in the club, but you deserve that i comment in both, its beautiful,amazin, i am very happy in the pond, so new eels,come.,You are famous now Yetty, i saw you in all the FB pages that i visited today and a lot of people liked,so congratu;ations.Thanks Tenshi for posting.

  9. im so glad to be part of this family.. and bravo for the impressive work!! im really touched, and im sure he will feel this way too if he sees it..


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