[19.10.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Gee.. my head.. headache~~
아이고 머리야.. あたまいたい~~

Not Zizzin but zikzin!!!!
Zizzin 이 아니라 zikzin!!!!

Almost complete?
@AsiaPrince_JKS 거의다 온거냐

I’m doing my best to elaborate the plan… I think I can open (the shop) before Christmas..
“@bigbrothersound: @AsiaPrince_JKS 거의다 온거냐”ㅡ머리 싸매고 구상중이시다..크리스마스전에는 오픈할듯..

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  1. wow!! don’t tell me he gonna open a cafe now.he’ll become busier then.suk..what about doing franchising? u can open it at each country..then, u can do the promotion while doing your cri show?how’s that sound?kkkk…

  2. Oww! That is why he was so quite for many days because he concentrated on planning for another business. JKS made coffee will be called Ziksin coffe? OMG from modelling, acting, Djing, script writing, song writing, movie directing, concert planning, photography, designing…and now coffee making. Well there is nothing that he cannot do…Kudos to you Prince Jang! God Bless to everything you want to do & achieve. But do not forget to relax… you need energy.

    • WOW! all these days without seeing him, it was because oppa Sukki was planning made “zikzin café” or “collecte de Zikzin” for many days.
      great oppa sukki I want to go “zikzin CAFÉ”…but..why?…why in FRENCH? 😀 .
      ^^ in french ….oh :O 😀 😀 ;)…is for Y**__ 😀

      this is so romantic…oppa sukki…I love You and I love “collecte Zikzin CAFÉ”.

  3. I want to visit zikzin cafe, i want to drink zikzin coffee, i want to eat zikzin cake, zikzin pastry , zikzin bun, buy zikzin souvenirs and most importantly to meet zikzin cafe boss :)) jyo zikzin !!!

  4. Hi !!…
    tell me crazy, but … Oh my god__O.M.G., Prince Sukki wrote the message in “french” .. the language of “L.O.V.E”. and added the word “zikzin” …lol.
    Prince Sukki wanted give double message with this (twins message)__ prince Sukki really is so obvious that fallen in love of shikShin…hahaha;)….meant to say “zikzin” .. lol ….. but shikshin and zikzin are the same sound (very curious)… zikzin = “Love”.
    fighting ZIKZIN & SHIKSHIN ♥

  5. this is so great , new!!!…CONGRATULATION —> PRINCE JGS…You’re a “COFFE BOY”.
    You’re a “COFFE BOY”.
    You’re a “COFFE BOY”.

    now, I listening a song with a cup coffe…this song is of “COFFE BOY – SMILE”.
    I remember prince with this song (coffe boy -smile).
    good prince’s plan 🙂


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