[Twitter] From JKS in Japan

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar

Japanese Twitter update:

From JKS:
I am leaving now. Going to Europe now? Ah, I’m scared. Is the schedule too tight?…. Originally I was supposed to return to Korea tomorrow…

【SUKBAR】日推更新1P: 저이제갑니다 이제 유럽으로 가는건가 아 무서워ㅠ 翻译:我现在要走啦 现在是要去欧洲吗 啊 害怕啊 是不是行程太紧了啊。。。。本来说明天回国的。。。。翻译:雪

10 thoughts on “[Twitter] From JKS in Japan”

  1. He’s going already? I thought he’s supposed to go on March 8? So there’s been a change in his schedule……

  2. Yes, his schedule is definitely tight. Europe, then back to either Korea / Japan for his Tokyo Showcase rehearsal end of March and other album release promotional events, then a series of Japan Tour and Asia Tour in April (not that I’m complaining about this 🙂 ), then “You’re my Pet” filming starting in May for a few months… gosh!

    JKS was grumbling in his blog that he doesn’t know whether he’s doing work, or work is doing him! but then, as always, he mentioned that he’s very grateful / thankful for fans’ support, so although he’s tired, he’s not burnt out yet …

  3. If he continues with this pace, he will eventually burn out…. pls take care of your health and put on some weight… you look sick in the picture of you returning to korea from europe. i wonder whether the april fool’s joke is actually true.


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