[vid] Fanmade MV Support JKS Cri Show 2 in Shenzhen China (Oct 27 2012)

Credit: missyleen88
text translation Eileen Tan from ECI.

Editor’s Note: This video was made in the name of several Jang Keun Suk Chinese Fan Clubs. They united to ask for protect JKS’s merchandise copy right and ask eels to give JKS a “pure white light sea” for his Oct 27 Cri Show in Shenzhen. A nicely done job that eels go to Cri Show in Shenzhen should in response to the call.
Fan clubs: Jang Keun Suk Baidu Bar, Keun Suk China, JKSLAND Eels Union, Jang Keun Suk Suk Nation HK, Jang Keun Suk HK Support Group

Translation of the message on the clips:
Lets give our promise together, to give him a pure white world on Oct 27./JKS: “Eels, you can only look at me, because I am also looking at eels only. I will Promise You” / This is at Tokyo Dome, Prince’s dream stage filled with 50000 eels / Prince waved his hands on stage / 50000 eels were waving the lights together on their seats. Prince and eels coordinate in unity, without having to say much / Some people said prince is white / Because that warm soul has never changed / Prince said love is white / because there is no need to hide when communicate with the hearts / Eels said….. please give prince a pure white world / Right on this day, 10.27.2012 Shenzhen / 20 years since debut braving the storm with ups and downs / his sincere smile has always accompanied us / no matter how colorful the lights are on the stage / only the pure white light sea is staying unforgettable / Just like our dear prince, so simple and yet stands out from the rest / nothing gonna change with that pure heart / “I will promise you” / still remember this pinky? Still remember the promise we had with him in Shanghai? / SONG lyrics translation: “Because this is the promise you and me agreed upon….. I will protect you all the time as long as you are in front of me” / If you love him please keep the promise we had with him, to use only official lights, no pirated or unofficial / Oct 27 Shenzhen show lets all give him a pure white world! / SONG lyrics translation: “because I’m here” / (2.58s) / this official flash lights / is designed by prince / there is already pirated lights sold at shanghai show please eels do not buy pirated merchandise! / please do not do things that will upset prince / maybe we do not have the ability to stop pirated production / (3.56s) / but what we can do is to stop the sales of pirated merchandise / our prince, we protect him by ourselves! / do not bring all these colourful lights into the show / self made light boards will affect the overall effect of lights sea so please minimize from using them / lets work together to keep our promise / give prince and eels a pure white night on Oct 27! / “I Will Promise You” / I will promise you a white world.

13 thoughts on “[vid] Fanmade MV Support JKS Cri Show 2 in Shenzhen China (Oct 27 2012)”

  1. i remembered when he went to Germany for calendar photoshoot,a fan gave an imitated photobook of him to sign..he must have been disappointed..

    let’s protect our PRINCE…buy only original merchandise!
    it!s one way of showing our love and endless support for him!
    that’s eels promise right?

  2. Thanks so much, Eileen!
    I hope the upcoming ShenZhen Cri-Show will be a total success and that Chinese eels can enjoy, at least for a night, a white world next to JKS!

    Let’s be honest and conscious about our actions – let’s only purchase original/authorized merchandise.

  3. wow this song was in MMM right? he really look great in white…. thanks Eileen… yes we will support your cause. God Bless You all Chinese Eels!

  4. Every time I watched white light flashing at his concert hall, I feel like seeing white world dreamland. It’s sooo beautiful by sights. I’m touched and so happy with pure feeling when people are united with common purposes, with same loving hearts and feelings toward JKS.

    Honestly, in my eel life, I haven’t yet bought any pirated JKS’ goods, (well, maybe received some as gifts from friends). If I don’t have money for certain of his merchandises I want, I wait….until I save up enough money to buy them. If I can’t buy those officially products at all, then I will support him in another ways. There are endless ways to support him.

    Let’s us, all eels protect his interests, buy only his official goods.
    Let’s us be the strong wind beneath his success.
    Let’s love him with our simple pure white hearts.
    Let’s unite together to create magical white world.
    Let’s live together in harmony and peace in the magical land, Kingdom of EELs.

    All in all, I will always support his creations and productions. I want him to be with eels for long long long time.

  5. Wow,good job chinese fan clubs
    he deserved this and more
    continue give him suppot
    and he will love you more.
    Hi giirls,i am back,i am not abandon my roots
    even for the club(ECI)
    I miss all of you
    JkS Forever rules.

  6. Thanks,Jezreel,i was visited the blog every day,but not commented, but some girls in the club said their miss me here ,so I am back to comment til now,so I divide my heart in two,JkS forever and the ECI club.

  7. Hahaha, thanks, Belle,Kailey QQ eyes,FOR miss me, But QQ i dont understand why you said i am missed in ECI,because i posted things every day, so maybe you didnt see it.kkk

  8. Esther you back with your lovely poem. Thanks for being back to write your special comment over here. Love your poem whether they over here or ECI.


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