17 thoughts on “[vid] Touching Fanmade MV – A Tribute to JKS 20th Anniversary”

  1. Charlotte, thanks for creating this for uri Prince. You had found a very great poem by Mother Theresa and not only encourage Prince but also touched our heart. So meaningful and hope prince can feel the same.

  2. thank you so much maui… ^-^ hello everyone.. need ur advice…i’m new fan of jang geun suk.. really like him so much.. he is so briliant,,

    • just like you i’m a new eel…and i can say a true eel even in just a short time…
      everyone here shares one passion and that is our PRINCE JKS…

      just surf the net and you’ll find out everything about him..
      watch all his dramas and movies,download all his songs…
      i think everything’s here in this blog…when i first found this site i opened even the post from several months ago…that’s how i’ve learned more about our PRINCE…
      visit this blog as often as you can…enjoy !

      • I totally agree with maui.

        I found this blog in Jan this year n it took me like half a year to read every post starting from Jan 2011 plus all the comments ( read esp those post with many comments). This blog has everything on JKS from 2011 til the present day so it gives all the details on him.
        Thank U.

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