23 thoughts on “[vids] Fancam, JKS Drives His New Red Ferrari Leave Incheon to Home”

  1. JKS, did U get permission from ur mum before buying this car??
    Remember to please ur mummy n be a good boy.
    Seriously, Sukkie seems to have so many cars already, stop buying more cars and he should use his hardearned money to invest in his business. Just my thought.

    • Anjellsmiles, It’s only a small gift for Jks to commemorate his achievement.
      Car is not his priority, house and buildings (for works n business) came first,
      After he gains success in some level, he buy himself as a gift to mark his milestone.
      Afterall, luxury car is a good investment.
      We should be proud if he buy car without his mom scold him, because that means he achieve something.

      • yeah .. it’s consider a bit late for him to buy this car after looking at it for so long , yet lightning fast in investing in businesses and properties . I have a feeling that he had booked this together with his Maserati , which why the lecture from his mom . But he is not showing off enough .. have not even seen him driving in his Maserati yet , wanna see him speed off in his car ( if only the 1st clip can be longer )

    • Hi! Hope you would stop judging him. Nobody knows the possibility that it could be a gift from his parents for all the hard work he has done. And besides we will not see it, if not for the eels who posted those photos. And for the last 20 years he had been working so hard, even to sacrifice the time he was supposed to enjoy as a child, he deserves to have all those luxuries.

    • I think he doesn’t intend to show off. He only love to drive a car, and seek chance to drive it whenever have a chance.

      • @ cajuputte,

        Ha ha that is just how I feel. Hopely
        people will not have any negative view
        on it. Anyway his car cost him $229,000,
        he is lucky to have a mother, like
        a financial controller to help and control

  2. I think it weird that people judge him for buying things that he likes. He works hard, buying something he likes may be his form of retail therapy.

    His childhood dream includes having a car company. Even though he has many cars, if he is able to afford it, i don’t see the problem. At least before everything, he already bought a house for his family and buildings for investments.

    I know when i am stress, i also will buy things i like. Just that i dont buy cars, since i am not rich. 🙂

  3. Yay !!! This is what i called a retail therapy !!! It works every time !!! Never fails to bring a smile ! Prince is excited of his new toy ! A prince of course ..with a good taste definitely !!! Now i know i can never look at a red car ( Ferrari to the exact ! ) without having a thought that it might be him behind the wheels !!

  4. The car is great! He deserves it.I am just a little bit concern that he felt cold. he keeps on crossing his arms around him. It seems that he has to adjust with the weather. Anyway Home sweet Home! Welcome back Prince!

  5. A prince must ride and is fitted to ride a white grand horse! Have you ever seen a prince ride a jackal? What it will looked like for our Prince to ride in a mini car….can’t imagine it….

  6. He deserve it my friends..n please dont be a judge coz if u are an Eel..u’ll respecting what he want to..just support him..that’s all 🙂

  7. Looks to me someone arranged this as a belated birthday surprise for him by delivering the car to the airport. I’m so happy to see his big smile! Am glad he has friends & family who care so much about him. He has been the breadwinner for his family since he was very little. When other kids were playing, he was working. He lost out on his childhood. This year is his 20th anniversary. He deserves to reward himself with something he is passionate with. It’s his hard earned money. He is level headed, he knows he can afford it and I doubt he would spend money like this without providing for his family first.

  8. Loved that he looked like a kid excited to see his toy. He deserves it coz he works hard. I am so glad he is enjoying the fruits of his labor.


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