[News] JKS will attend a event toward establishment of “World Orphans Day”

UPDATE (Oct. 21st): JKS will appear the event as a video message. No other Hallyu star won’t attend the event.
UPDATE (Oct. 1st): The appearance of JKS hasn’t been confirmed yet. Right now his name was deleted on the list of the website.
World Orphans Day is a global event to raise awareness and funding for the millions of children displaced by AIDS and poverty. United Nation designated that every 1st of May “World AIDS orphans Day” in 2002. Originally orphans and bereaved child are different. So those who have been active to save orphans for a long time are trying to establish “World Orphans Day” separately.

The movement to establish “World Orphans Day” has officially begun in Korea this year because 2012 is the 100th anniversary of Tauchi Chizuko’s birth. She is called Mother of Korean orphans. She is originally a Japanese, but she married with a Korean and dedicated herself to saving orphans in her whole life. In conclusion, she was given the Order of Korean Culture and People’s in 1965.

In commemoration of her birth, some special events to promote the establishment of World Orhapns Day will be held from October 29th to 31st, 2012 in Mokpo-si, Korea. And Jang Keun Suk will attend one of the event held at 20:00 ~ 21:30 on October 30th (the eve event of her 100th anniversary). He seems to make a speech about something related to Korea and Japan.


20 thoughts on “[News] JKS will attend a event toward establishment of “World Orphans Day””

  1. So the event will take place in Korea or Japan?
    He has a warm heart and he loves to help children. Hope this event will be broadcasted

  2. oh it’s not yet confirmed? If he can make it, that’s great! we know that he was invited with such event because the organizers knew who he is and the benefits and importance of his speech. But if he can’t make it… we understand… right fellow eels?

  3. I don’t think he canceled to attend the event “World Orphan Day”. I think the organizers are just worried that many his fans will attend the event just for seeing him, not for the event itself. I think there must have been flooded with inquiries today, so they just unveiled who will attend the event… I hope he’ll attend the event eventually 🙂

  4. tenshi. our local newspaper mentioned he cancelled Bangkok show and how upset was Asia fans in Malaysia and Bangkok which he went thru Japan, Taiwan EXCEPT Malaysia and Bangkok,the local news also mentioned eels from both country a bit sad which he never bother eels from such small country, a bit sad right?

    • The budget of bringing the props/dancers to one country renting a venue / planning the cri show and promotion is very high. He is not kpop star so he does not really get a lot of casual kpop fans going to his cri show.

      When i knew of the budget of cri show, i know that a lot of his previous venues has to be cancelled. He already make a loss in Korea because of the small venue and Korea is his home country, which means he did not have to pay extra to fly the props to other countries. A capacity of 3000-5000 still incur a loss. However, he is willing to make a loss because that is his home country, we cannot expect him to do the same for other countries.

      Singapore was excluded too. We all know that actors/singers will only go to a country when the market is big. He is already too busy trying to be a student, boss, actor, singer and now entrepreneur. I don’t think his mother or any organisers who works with him will want to bring cri show to a country if they can’t earn money and even worse if they have to incur a loss.

      I just hope that next time if it is impossible to bring cri show to singapore or other countries, he can still organise small fan meetings. If not, eels like us will really have to consider going to other countries to see him. I will definitely go overseas if he does not plan to come to singapore in the near future.

      • Agreed with you Mindy if he cannot come to us we should try to go to him. He’s the star anyway, he already given so much love (more than any other star) to us so I believe we should support him as much as we can.

      • based from what you said, mindy, is the mom, i mean madame suk, directly involved on the cri show concert activities? just curious about it. Just getting to know more about the Prince and the people he loves…

  5. thanks for sharing… always appreciative of the efforts made by the admins in bringing the latest update of what’s going on with JKS


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