[27.09.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Berlin eels in front of our hotel!! But unfortunately they couldn’t see Keun-chan, ㅠㅁㅠ Thank you!!
호텔앞에 온 베를린장어들!! 비록 안타깝게 근짱을 만나지는 못했지만, ㅠㅁㅠ 고마워요!!

They missed to see him by a hair. I feel sorry for that… I told him about it, then World Prince gave a autograph to each eel! This is the last autograph on his birthday.
간발의 차이로 만나지 못했어요. 아쉬워라. 이야기를 전하자, 월프님께서 싸인을 한장씩 해주셨어요! 올해의 마지막 생일날의 싸인이군요.

But one of the photo book he autographed on is illegal (pirated) one. kkk Keun-chan is looking.
근데 싸인해준 한권이 불법사진집 ㅋㅋㅋ 근짱 구경중

He misses the carnival waw over. Happy Birthday!!!
카니발이 끝났다며 아쉬워 하는 생일축하해요!!!

Fan club donated 9.26 million won. Jang Keun Suk donated the same amount. http://durl.me/3gczva ㅡ It’s Jang Keun Suk, and it’s Jang Keun Suk’s eels!!! I’m proud of them T_T
팬클럽 926만원기부에 장근석 똑같이 쐈다 http://durl.me/3gczva ㅡ 이게 바로 장근석이고, 장근석의 장어인것이다!! 뿌듯합니다 ㅠㅠ

Eventough he’s abroad, Prince is always monitoring and asking if we are OK! This time about the 926 event, I got a call from Germany that he wanted to join the event T_T The donation has become more meaningful done together with eels. Thank you, Prince and eels ^^
해외에 나가있을때도, 언제나 모니터링 하며 안부묻고 걱정하는 프린스! 이번에는 926이벤트에 함께하고프다고, 독일에서 연락이 왔었습니다 ㅠ 장어분들과 함께해서 더욱 뜻깊은 기부! 프린스와 장어분들 감사합니다^^

Donator – Jang Keun Suk. The donation receipt we received today seems more meaningful and impressive. Prince will continue to give us a lot of emotion! Eels, be together with Prince forever and ever ^__^
기부자 – 장근석 오늘 받은 기부 영수증^__^이 더욱 뜻깊고 감동이네요! 앞으로도, 프린스에게 감동받을일은 너무 많아요! 장어분들 오래오래 함께해요^__^

Despite of a sudden contact, CRI-J representatives hastily prepared the panel! I really appreciate it ^^ Please keep up supporting him!!!
갑작스런 연락에, 급하게 판넬준비해서 전달한 우리 크리제이 임원분들! 정말 감사드려요^^ 계속 잘 부탁드려요!!!

“anan” finally just in real life!
앙앙을 드디어 실물로 딱!

I will show you a glimpse of Prince 20th anniversary stamps!
프린스 20주년 우표도 살짝 공개!

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  1. Thanks Kaori-chan for sharing. I read in weibo that the place/organisation where the money was donated, Cri-J team also did voluntary work there and that they will continue to do voluntary work there from now on. Am so proud to be an eel!


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